Unique and Unusual Animals

What do you know about the animal you chose?

Write a fact file

1) Fact File

Name of animal :

It lives :

It eats :

It can

It cannot :

Interesting facts about the animal :

2) Add Pictures

3) Write A Paragraph -Describe the animal you chose

Write a description of the animal you chose.

How does it look? Is it long or short?

What color is it? Does it have fur? Does it have wings , horns etc.?

4) Find a you-tube about your animal.

Top 10 Rarest Animals


Compare and contrast the animal you chose with another animal.

How are they similar and how are they different?

( You can choose your friend's animal and work together)

6) Why Is This Animal Unique?

Why do you think the animal you chose is special?

I think that ..........because.......

In my opinion.........because......

6) A Pet

Would you like this animal as a pet?

Why or why not? Explain your answer.

Yes...... because.....


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