Growth mindset approach = Success

You can do it through your efforts & hard work

Going Back to School

A lot of kids say they don't like school and same with high school students. Not all high school graduates go to college. Some high school students skip college and go straight into the work force. These people often then have to stay in jobs that don't require a college education and these jobs are often very poor in quality and don't pay a lot. Other adults how ever decide to go back to school to get a college degree so that when they do decide to go back into the work force they are able to get a better quality, solid, good paying job.

These people have a growth mindset Which makes them think, even though they may not have a good job or a college degree that they can put in the effort to be a smarter person and be able to get a degree and have a better job threw there efforts. Those who have a fixed mindset may think that they are not smart enough to get a college degree and think you need to be born smart to be successful. These people would rather just keep there bad job and have no college degree instead of putting in the effort to become a smarter person because they believe they can't.

The growth mindset in the people who do decide to go back to college to get an education provokes people to keep trying for that next level of achievement which can result in more pay in jobs and can lead into having a better lifestyle. Those who have a fixed mindset don't want to put in the effort to achieve the next level of achievement and end up not having a good lifestyle as a person who wants to strive for greatness and achieve more

The Long Run to Running a Marathon; a How To

26 miles is the length of a marathon. That's very far! Do you think that you have to be born with the talent of a runner to be fast and complete a marathon? Well, that's not true because through your hard work, you putting in effort, and the help of these few steps you too can run a marathon. It may seem overwhelming, but we'll break it down so you can run a marathon!

One of the thing you will need to do or accomplish in order to run a marathon is to break down the long 26 miles. The trick is to start small and finish big. So start with a two to four mile run to get your body used to to the running. Then build it up to an eight mile run at your own pace. Then you can go to a ten mile run when you're ready. You keep on raising the length you run at your own pace and keep going until you reach near a marathon length run. This will help you get your long distance running in a good spot.

Another thing you will need to do in order to run a full marathon is to eat healthy. Your body will need to preform at its best to run a marathon. A few things that are good to eat are almonds, eggs, potatoes, protein, beans,greens, whole grain pasta, berries, yogurt, and believe it or not, dark chocolate. These foods will fuel your body to preform at its best and be the strongest it can be.

Another thing that is very important you will have to do in order to run a marathon is to hydrate a lot. Hydrating your body will allow it to perform at its highest level. One type to stay hydrated is to drink at least five cups of water daily or always have a water bottle beside you. It is extremely that when you exercise, after you hydrate your body. You will need all the water you can get for the marathon so make sure you hydrate before.

The most important thing you will need to do in getting ready to run a marathon is to train for it. Get your muscles stronger and train in the conditions you will likely be running in for the marathon. If you ask any experienced runner they will tell you the most important thing you will need to do is train, train, and train because the training before hand is just as important or more important than the race itself.

In conclusion, even though it may seem like a 26 mile run is impossible and very long, These steps and the hard work and efforts you put in to a marathon, you too can run a marathon.

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The Second Side of #23 ( Michael Jordan )

Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players in history. Everyone knows who he is. Number 23. Everyone knows him. His high flying dunks, his crazy shots, and his crazy dribbling skills. Everybody knows this legend.

What many people don't know is that the legend you all know was cut from his high school basketball team because they told him he was not good enough, couldn't play defense or shoot the ball well enough, but the big thing was he wasn't genetically big enough for the team. Jordan wen't home and cried after seeing his name was not on the list, but his sophomore friend was on the varsity list.

Michael Jordan had a problem. Jordan was on the junior varsity team. Jordan did not want this at all. Over the year while he was on the junior varsity team, Jordan put in the work. When he was struggling and wanted to give up, he closed his eyes and saw his friends name on the varsity list in place of his own name.

As he practiced with junior varsity team, Jordan went harder than anybody else there. Jordan was first in line in every conditioning drill, and he ran them as hard as anyone, and when they were over he wanted to run some more sprints.

After all the hard work Jordan put in, it eventually started to finally pay off. Jordan became a junior varsity star. When people saw him they saw how great he was and the junior varsity games started to become very popular. The varsity team would come early to the games to watch the junior varsity game and Michael Jordan. After the cut, Jordan seemed even more competitive than ever, as if determined that it would never happen again.

The next years as a junior and a senior, Michael Jordan became a star player. His height eventually caught up and he was the best player on the team. Michael Jordan was then sent to UNC to play basketball and then was drafted into the NBA onto the Washington Wizards and then spent the rest of his time in the NBA he played on the Chicago Bulls. Jordan played for a total of 15 seasons and became one of the best players to ever live in basketball history.

Most people would say they just are not a good enough basketball player if they got cut from there basketball team and would say they didn't have the talent. Michael Jordan said the he was a good basketball player and he would get better. Michael Jordan had a problem but didn't give up and became one of the best basketball players in history.

Turn it Around!

Most kids will say that they don't like school and think its boring. Piotr Walaszek was a freshman at Elm wood Park high school and getting good grades wasn't a priority. He had a 2.2 grade average and he was headed down a bad road and he needed help to get onto a good road to success.

Piotr Walaszek wasn't ever motivated to do school work. He didn't have the mindset to focus on school. Walaszek since fifth grade was on his own to to try to make things happen for himself academically. This led to Piotr not caring about school and he had very bad grades.

While he was in freshman year he knew he needed to get some help and reach out to somebody because Piotr knew it was time to make a change. He then found some in some inspiration.

Piotr's inspiration came from Karen Bear, a teacher and an adviser to the schools DECA club, which pushes students to know they can have a future through their efforts they put in and be successful. Walaszek joined DECA his freshman year and he remained a member ever since. Piotr said Bear helped him mature and think about his grades and his future. HE considered Bear a big part of his turn around because she stressed to him the importance of getting good grades in high school.

So starting sophomore year, he hit the books hard and he changed a 2.2 grade to a 4.0 or higher every year. Walaszek then got a job to help get money for his family and was an advocate always striving for more. He stayed at his job as long as he could so he could get money for his family. He started to become a very mature person.

Walaszek then after high school he said that he will be attending Northern Illinois University in finance and economics. "I know this is going to change my life, all those four years constantly going to work and working hard in high school all paid off" Walaszek said.

Today Walaszek helps students think about their future and help them turn their grades around. Walaszek has made a huge impact on these students. Walaszek showed that through hard work and your efforts you can have a big effect on what you want to achieve in life.

Characteristics of a Growth Mindset

Albert Einstein, who is one of the most effective inventors and thinkers in history and he once said how important a good/growth mindset is and the power of having a growth mindset. The characteristics of having a growth mindset are provided below.

They take action

When they want to achieve something and they set a goal for themselves and they believe nothing will get done without action so they take action right at the spot and don't procrastinate and wait to take action.

They accept challenges

When they face a challenge or hardship they don't think they can't do it just because they don't have the talent. They face the challenge head on with effort to get the job done. They face it that the challenge is there.

They remain positive

Even when it look like thing are not going well for them they don't give up on the challenge and remain positive. They always look on the bright side. Being positive can have a big impact on you meeting your goal.

They believe in themselves

These people never loose faith in themselves and never think that they won't be able to do it. There are moments when hardships enter in everyones lives and try to take over your confidence. These people don't stop believing in themselves no matter what happens and believe they can do it.

They are resilient

They stop at nothing to get to their goal and even if they face hardships they recover quickly and spring back up into action to keep fighting to achieve greatness.

They follow through

When they set the long term goal for themselves what ever it is, they follow through and do the work to get to the goal they were looking to meet. They don't give up when its hard and rough and they keep going. They don't set goal and never work to achieve it.

They are self-disciplined

They know any chance of achieving something great takes work. So they remain tough, stay focused, and they don't get distracted from their big goal that they want to accomplish.

They take calculated risks

They know that if you always don't take a risk in life you may regret it and won't be as successful. So, they take the risk even though there is a chance of failure. They make sure it is a good risk that isn't too far out of reach and consideration.

They keep going even after success

They never say that they are done when they meet their goal. They always think about how they can become better or more successful. They don't decide to stop when they meet their goal. They strive to go one more step up, one more level up. They want to keep achieving more.