Romeo and Juliet

Act 5 Scene 3

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William Gitau and Bridget Namakula


Paris goes with his Page to mourn Juliet at the Capulet tomb. Paris tells his Page to keep a lookout if anyone was coming. The Page hears someone coming and warns Paris. As they both hide Romeo and Balthasar arrive at the Capulet tomb. Romeo tells Balthasar he wants to be alone with Juliet and if he dares to disturb him he will rip Balthasar limb from limb. Also Romeo hands Balthasar a letter to give to his father parents explaining why he killed himself in a Capulet tomb. Romeo asks Balthasar to leave but actually Balthasar goes to hide. As Romeo is breaking into the tomb Paris sees him and confronts him. Paris says I have to arrest you and you must die. Romeo agrees he must die and but he doesn't want to fight. Then Romeo changed his mind. Paris and Romeo have a sword fight. Pairs was gravely wounded and asked Romeo to lay him next Juliet in the Capulet tomb. As the Page saw the fight he went to go get the watchmen, Paris was now dead and Romeo didn't know if Juliet and Paris' marriage was a dream or not. Romeo starts talking to Juliet and he doesn’t notice the color coming back but comments that she has color and gives his reason why notices that color is starting to come back to her. Romeo gives Juliet one last kiss then he takes the poison. Friar finally arrives in the churchyard and Balthasar comes out tell him about the fight between Romeo and Paris. Balthasar didn't stop the fight because he thought it was only a dream. Friar asks Balthasar to come into the tomb but he didn't want because of what Romeo had said to him earlier. Friar enters the tomb and finds Romeo dead on the floor. As Friar saw dead Romeo Juliet woke up. Juliet asks Friar where Romeo is and he tells her that he's dead.Friar heard the watchmen coming and tells Juliet to flee. He tells her he'll take her to a convent to become a nun. Juliet disagrees and runs to Romeo's body and notices he took poison. Friar runs away. Juliet tries to see if there is any poison left in the bottle and there wasn't. So she tries to suck kiss it from his lips and that didn't work either. Juliet grabs Romeo's dagger and kills herself. Page comes back with the Watchmen to find the dead bodies. The watchmen search the churchyard and capture Friar and Balthsar. The Prince also came with the watchmen and so did Capulet, Lady Capulet, and Montague. The parents of Romeo and Juliet see their children dead and wonder what had happened. Montague tells everyone that his wife died because of the grief of Romeo's banishment. When the Prince asks Friar what happened he tells the story and says the Nurse knew about Romeo and Juliet's love as well. Balthasar gives the letter to the Prince to explain why Romeo was dead in the Capulet tomb. The Prince realizes what Friar has said is true. The Prince blames him self for the death of Romeo and Juliet because he didn't do what he say he would do in his decree. And that he has lost Paris and Mercutio his family member because of this Family feud. Capulet now says the feud has ended because Juliet and Romeo have sacrificed their lives.


Céline Dion - My Heart Will Go On

Explanation of Song

In the song "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion she about thinking about someone she loves and how their love will always be there. And how their love does not die even when the person they loves does. This also shows the passion that Romeo and Juliet have for each other. And how they would sacrifice anything in order to be with each other. In Celine Dion's line explains this " Love can touch us one time. And last a lifetime. And never let go til' we're gone."