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Dear Miss Mischief,

My best friend just passed away a few days ago and I hadn’t been in touch with Him as much like I said I would. His funeral is in a week and I feel like I can’t look His parents in the eye without guilt punching me in the face. I feel like hacking is a priority now, but is that wrong? Should friends and family come first or saving the world from terrorists?

Sincerely, A confused soul

Dear A Confused Soul,

First off I’m sorry about your loss, it must be hard to lose your best friend. It’s not your fault that you were busy its how a job is. At least you have talked to him since you started the job. When you go to his funeral at least talk to is parents to show that you care. But when it comes to your job and family choice that is totally up to you. In my opinion family comes first no matter what. But it might be totally different for you. Hopes this really helps.

Hugs and kisses, Miss Mischief

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The new Brain jack movie is the best movie out this year! A young man who loves hacking has his eye on a brand new headset.With this new technology its a must have. But when Sam realizes when you are using the headset online people can easily hack your consciousness! Now he is trying to save the world by being with the nations cyber defense network with his fellow friend kiwi. There is drama, danger, excitement, and problems with the police. This movie is a must see!

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In the novel Sam Wilson, a risk taking teen, and his best friend Fargas love to hack. When they both hear about a hacking convention called H@cker Con they both want to be in. When they finally get there they put on masks to hide they're true identity because before I coming Sam hacked in the telecommunications of America. Sam wanted to make sure no one could recognize him if there were police there. When they get inside they meet a buff, tall man with a tattoo on his forehead named Dodge and his Girlfriend Vienna. Dodge tells the boys that the real H@cker con is online and the only way you can get in is if you hack into the White House. With every else there doubting him Sam goes home and does what he is told. He hacks into the White House with his Nero headset and sees that no one else is there but him. The next day he hears the FBI at the front door asking to come in. Panicked, Sam doesn't know what is happening. Does Sam open the door or does he escape. Find out in Brain Jack.
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