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Information on Web Browsers

Web Browsers

Web browser software is the software you use to access the internet. Microsoft Internet Explorer is an example of a web browser.

Favorites is a form of storage area where the URL of a website can be stored so that it can be accessed later using a link. Using favorites makes it very easy for you to be able to return to whichever sites you would like to.


Email facilities allow users to send an electronic message from one communications device to another. All web browser software has email facilities.

The search facility allows the user to find an email using keywords in the title or you can search for all of the emails from or to a particular address.

The reply feature allows the user to instantly prepare the basics for an email (the addressee, the subject etc) with the click of a button. This saves time for the user.

The forward ability allows a message to be sent to a different address without having to be typed out again. This is a very simple way of saving time for the user.

The address book allows the user to save addresses to allow a faster way of inputting the addressee. Many addresses can be saved and the user can also use a method which automatically saves the address of anyone who sends or receives an email to or from the user.

File attachments are very useful in emails because they allow the user to include documents or other files to an email so that the recipient can view this as well as the email. This is useful in sending schoolwork to and from the school computers and the students home computer. Files can be attached with a click of a button which also helps to save time.

Website design

In order to develop a website, website development software is needed. This does not have to be specialist software as there are many cheaper packages which do roughly the same thing. Some software which could be used to develop websites are; word-processing software and desktop publishing software. Specialist design software is obviously more effective and results in a more professional look but for simple websites any software can be used.

Some simple features of website design software are; the ability to add and format text, the ability to add hyperlinks, the ability to preview the website in different browsers for testing purposes and the ability to import data from other packages.

Some advanced features of website design software are; the ability to create a webpage using frames, the ability to look at the HTML code and make changes to this.