Sea Turtles in Nicaragua

By: Erika Gonzalez :))

What is ecotourism and why it is important?

Ecotourism is tourism directed toward exotic often threatened, natural environments, especially to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife.Ecotourism is important because it holds the potential to improve the social, cultural, and economics well-being of travel destinations and local communities across the globe.
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Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are located in the beaches of Nicaragua. Sea turtles arrive at the same time to harvest their eggs. The harvested eggs swarm around together so there chance of surviving increases. They are important because they are really old and they can live up to be 150 or more.
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Benefiting Sea Turtles

Ecotourism benefits sea turtles because sea turtles are threatened at some point. A growing number of examples of turtle-based tourism around the world are offering insights into the risks and benefits.


An adventure you can do with some sea turtles is feed them. You can also go scuba diving and see where sea turtles are normally at and you could also see how big their shell is. You could learn a lot by seeing what sea turtles do and learn what their behavior is.
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