Here's the 4th Grade Scoop!

Mrs. Brown's class 2015-2016

Moving on upstairs...

Here we are...upstairs in fourth grade! We have spent the first three weeks of 4th grade adjusting to new routines and how to be effective learners yet respectful and kind to each other. I have explained, taught and reinforced my expectations as well as school-wide expectations. As a class we have written a class mission statement sharing what our expectations are of each other... to be respectful, engaged and kind pretty much sums it up. We have laid the groundwork for a successful year but will continually refer back to these expectations.

Home and School Connections

As you might have learned at parent night, we will be using our planners as our primary source of communication about homework. Students will be bringing the planner and the Eagle folders back and forth every day. Homework should be written in the planner with no blank sections..."none" will be used to show there is no homework. While parent initials are not required, it is helpful for you to look at the planner each night and remind your 4th grader to make sure they have completed all of their homework assignments. You can expect your child to have homework in spelling, reading ('just right' book with reading log) and a math review on Monday-Thursday evenings.

What We Are Learning

English/Language Arts: Summarizing and inferencing has been our reading skill focus for the past 3 weeks. Being able to pick out important details that summarize the story as well as read between the lines to think beyond what the author has written are skills that good readers have. We are practicing these skills during our small group time by reading one of the following realistic fiction novels...The Beast in Mrs. Rooney's Room, Skinnybones and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. We are working on answering text-based and inferencing questions in complete sentences. Discussing important ideas, making connections to the story and focusing on new vocabulary are things we work on daily in our small groups. Students are also reading nonfiction books online that relate to our current science unit about rocks and minerals during our reading block. In language and writing, we are learning about sentences: complete sentences, correcting fragments and run-ons, subjects and predicates and different types of sentences. We also make to time to free-write about things that interest us and share from the author's chair. Our first spelling unit was a review of short vowel sounds. Let me know if you have a question about spelling homework or how sorting works.

Math: BIG Numbers have been the hot topic in math. We are expressing numbers in different forms...expanded form, word form and standard form. We are working with numbers up to 1,000,000 which is a big jump from 3rd grade (<1000). Strategies for rounding, adding and subtracting these larger numbers will be our focus for the couple of weeks as well as using them in word problems. We will begin our multiplication unit in a couple of weeks, so it is essential that your child know their multiplication facts fluently or can quickly get an accurate answer. Please continue working with your child on their multiplication facts. Xtra Math is an online program we use at school that can also be done at home.

Science: Our class has been exploring what our earth is made of and how our planet changes. We have talked about how rocks are made and categorized. The rock cycle has been a great example of how rocks are constantly changing. This next week will learn about fast changes to the earth, investigate the minerals that make up rocks and how fossils are formed and what we can learn from fossils.

We will start social studies next week by studying our vast, varied North Carolina geography!

Important Dates

September 8- School Pictures/Proofs will be in the Monday folder.

September 9- First Day of Girls on the Run 2:45-4:00

September 17- Green Valley's Family Learning Carnival from 5:30-7:30

September 23- Early release day for students

October 23- Schools closed for students

October 29 & 30- Early release day for students