Dust Bowl Days

Disaster strikes in 1931-1939

Dust Bowl Disaster

Imagine enjoying a beautiful day out in the country when out of nowhere a blizzard hits.Terrified,you realize that this blizzard itsn`t just any blizzard it`s a dust storm coming after you and your families.

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The Dust Bowl Facts

  • The Dust Bowl came to Texas in 1931 and left in 1939
  • The dust storm traveled about 2,000 miles before hitting the east coast
  • During the dust storm,jack rabbits and grasshoppers ate any crops that people had,so people had to eliminate them with paddles.This was called the "rabbit drive"
  • The worst dust storm came on April 14,1935 and was named "Black Sunday"
  • Those who inhaled the powerful dust suffered dust pnemonia,coughing spasms,asthma,bronchitis and influenza

Texas vs The Dust Bowl

The dust bowl not only affected people but also affected Texas itself.

The dust bowl affected Texas in many ways,but the two major problems was the little amount of crops that was growing and how many people were getting sick and dying.

The Dust Bowl Episode | Uncovering the Dust Bowl | PBS
Why I chose this event

  • It was something that we had just learned
  • I wanted to know more about the dust bowl

Key figures

  • The dust bowl destroyed many cities and families
  • The dust bowl was caused by plowed dirt and mud and wind