Increasing Self-Esteem

A better & stronger you


Merriam Webster Definition:

Reflects a person's overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgment of oneself as well as an attitude toward the self.

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Components of Self-Esteem

    1. It is an essential human need for any healthy development.
    2. It comes from within a person's beliefs and consciousness.
    3. It also occurs with a person's behaviors, thoughts & actions.

    Synonyms of Self-Esteem

    Self-Respect | Self-Worth | Self-Value

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    Six Steps To Building Your Self-Esteem

    1. Locate the source of low self-esteem:

    • What moments in life have defined or impacted you
    • Create a list of what people label and describe you as
    • Figure out which ones impact you the most

    2. Accepting your limitations

    • Accepting yourself for who you are today and not yesterday
    • Do not push yourself for Perfection

    3. Taking responsibility

    • Making decisions on your own, will help build up your judgment
    • Accept the consequences of the good or bad decisions you make

    4. Strength building

    Building off your strength

    • Know your strengths & skills
    • Know your Dominant Talents

    5. Look for support and guidance of mentors

    Answer This; What does MENTOR mean to you?

    • Who is a good mentor in your life
    • Do you have more then one mentor

    6. Set goals

    1. Set Goals that Motivate You
    2. Set SMART Goals
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Achievable
    • Realistic
    • Time-bound

    Celebrate the small stuff

    Celebrate your smaller achievements and work your way up to achieving higher ones.

    April's Self-Esteem Class

    Wednesday, April 20th, 7pm

    300 North Orange Street

    Wilmington, DE

    Attend April's "Increasing Self-Esteem" Class on Wednesday April 20, 2016 at the Delaware Technical Community College: Wilmington Campus. Where you will go over the Six Steps in better detail and learn more ways to empowering a new you!