Chief Executive Officer

By: Alex Toback 803

Responsibilities of a CEO

The CEO is basically the boss of a certain company. Every last decision needs to go to the CEO and the CEO may get sacked (taken out of position) if the company does not show a profit or are loosing money rapidly. CEO is considered a 9-5 type of job but it really isn't. Even when the work day is over you're still getting constant questions about what to do. You're basically working in a office and at home. You make decisions such as "putting wage freezes on the employees" which many did during recession in 2009. The work of a CEO is never done but that's why your wage is huge.

Education and Training of a CEO

In order to be a CEO you need to have at least a bachelors degree in busines. However that's minimal so if you really want to be a serious contender you need a MBA or masters in business. It usually takes 5 to 7 years to meet the requirements or just 4 years for the bachelors degree. You can get all these requirements in college or specific business school's. However if you build your own business you will not need education.


The wage of a CEO really depends on the company you work for. The average annual salary usually passes the 100,000 mark and can reach even reach up to the 1,000,000 mark. Plus you get whatever your company makes for free. The benefits are that you can pay for whatever you need.


Some natural abilities you need is you have to be stern. There will never be a good CEO that's a pushover. Plus you need a certain drive for competition. There will always be rival companies that you need to compete with so show who's better. You need to be clever and make smart decisions that will not only benefit your company but you as well. You need to be quick on your feet because you won't have a lot of time to think about some decisions. You must also work well under pressure because the entire company is looking at you to make the decisions. One wrong decision and the company could be over.
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