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April 27, 2015

Art News

I wanted to take this space to write a BIG THANK YOU to all of the Denver families who came to support the arts at our art show this past Tuesday. It was a great event to show our kids' creativity and expression. I hope you were able to "travel around the world" through art but if you didn't make it, here are some pictures of our kids enjoying learning about art and culture in a fun way!

P.E. News

Dear Parents/Guardians

Field Day is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19th. The upper elementary ( 3 – 5 ) will be in the morning up at the complex from 9:00 am – 11:30 am. The lower elementary ( K – 2 ) will be down on the football practice field by the elementary from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. If the weather is bad, we will move field day to Tuesday, May 26th. The decision to postpone field day, if necessary, will be made as early as possible on Tuesday, May 19th.


Helpful Field Day Tips

The following are some items that you may want to consider sending with your child on field day:

Sunscreen – Some field days have been very warm and sunny, and as we will be outside all day, sunscreen can be very important.

Water Bottle – Students do have some time for drinks and restroom, but a water bottle can be convenient, as long as they are used appropriately.

Hat – Not necessary, but they are allowed.
Dry Clothes – Not necessary, but if it is warm enough, we play a game where students may get quite wet, so you may want to send a spare shirt or clothing if you wish.

Music News

It really is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of April! The year has gone by so fast! The students have done a terrific job learning many things so far this year!

The Kindergarten classes have been quite busy this year learning about the elements of music. We have recently finished units on rhythm patterns, sounds around us and high and low sounds. We continue to review steady beat, question/answer form, loud and quiet, fast and slow, and rests.

The First grade classes have completed their vocal exploration activity of a melodrama and have notated pitches on a staff, reviewed their rhythmic reading, learned new solfeg pitches and their locations on the staff, played instrument identification games, partner clapping songs and games, and opportunities for solo singing. Each class period involves many activities that introduce, reinforce, and assess these concepts and elements.

The Second grade classes also participated in many activities that introduce, reinforce, and assess music concepts and elements such as melody, rhythm, form, instruments, phrases (melodic and rhythmic), and movements. We have sang silly songs with movement and rhyme, reviewed our rhythmic reading, learned to play hand drums, learned new solfeg pitches, played solfeg pitches on instruments, learned and grouped unpitched percussion instruments into categories, and tried two-part singing (successfully I might add : )

This year the Spring Concert will feature students in grades 3-5, and we have been quite busy with our preparations! I can’t believe that it is just a week away as well. The concert will feature a nice variety of musical styles as we sing about the music elements and other concepts such as clef signs, Orff instruments and the staff. Additional information regarding the concert will be sent in a separate letter to the parents of students in grades 3-5. The 5th grade band will also perform during the concert.


CONCERT DATE REMINDER: Spring Concert 6:30 pm – TUESDAY May 5, 2015

Janeece M. Downs

Guidance News

At the beginning of the month, the elementary students finished up the Pasta for Pennies fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. THANK YOU to all the families that helped contribute to this worthy cause! Denver Elementary raised $1,521. Our ambassadors also deserve our thanks for giving up recess time to help count money for 3 weeks. The ambassadors were each responsible for counting the money in 1-2 classrooms, and were very responsible and reliable in doing so daily! In the end, Mrs. Frey’s class won the Pasta Party, which they will get to enjoy at the end of the month.

Our school illustrators and ambassadors also worked to help promote National Library Week. Students designed posters to help advertise the different dress up days, and the entire elementary had some fun, creative outfits all week! It sounds like the ambassadors may have some fun dress up day ideas for May as well, so keep an eye out for an announcement next month.

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Nurse News

Safe Kids Ready to Roll

Riding a bike promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages kids to get outdoors. Most kids don't need convincing that bikes are fun, but they may need a few reminders on how to stay safe on two, or more, wheels. Before your kids hit the road, make sure they know their bicycle safety rules.

Here is a quick checklist to review with your students:

1. Always wear a properly fitting helmet.

2. Check your equipment (ex: inflate tires, check brakes, properly fitted handlebars/seat height)

3. Follow traffic rules (ex: always look both ways, go with the flow of traffic)

4. Wear safe clothing (ex: proper footwear, bright colors, reflective clothing)

5. Do not listen to music while riding a bike.

Remember, bike riding is a fun, healthy way to spend time together as a family too! For more information, please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Association for more information.

Library News

When you are reading with your student, here are some questions you can ask them to check for understanding.
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If you are looking for some online reading sites, check out the following:


Just Books

Storyline Online