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The first goal of the CCCMS Bengal Library is to foster a love for reading. Our second goal is to model for students that reading can take them many places.

Our Motto: We have a reading heart.
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CCCMS Bengal Library FYI

Students can access our CCCMS Bengal Library on-line catalog from the comfort of their own home. Scan the above QR code or follow this link:

Students can check out up to three books for two weeks. They also have the opportunity to renew books as well.

A couple of things we do in the library to promote reading are March Madness Book Battle and Take a Blind Date with a Book. We have books on display around the library and we display some seasonal books as well. We are hoping to implement other new promotions throughout the year.

Keeping Middle Schoolers Interested in Reading

You can scan in the codes below or follow these links:

17 Ways. . .

BookBub - Free to join and you can get great deals or even free e-books. This site is great for young children through adults.

Top Ten Ways to Become a Better Reader

  1. Read
  2. Read
  3. Read
  4. Read
  5. Read
  6. Read
  7. Read
  8. Read
  9. Read
  10. Read

We try to emphasize to the students that reading, just like anything else in their life, takes practice. The more you practice the better you become.

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