Adversity Times

Author: Joel Garvey

The Big Idea of week 5/25/15

Perseverance, just a word? A whole concept? No, it's continuously standing up for your own idea or opinion when people or things keep knocking you down. Even the most accomplished and well known people in life have persevered in some point of their life, hers a few.

The Real Winners Of The World

Dartanian and Leroy

Caption: Dartanian carrying Leroy on his back.

Compare and Contrast

Dartanian and Leroy are alike in many ways. Both of them have similar traits. Both are also mentally strong as well as physically. On the other hand, they are different from each other in big ways. Dartanian only was legally blind, while Leroy was ran over by a train and lost his legs. Dartanian thought it was his obligation to carry Leroy whenever, and wherever. Another.Another way they are different is by the time dartanian was going to London 3 years after high school graduation, Leroy already had a child. Even though they considered themselves brothers, they had a few things unalike from each other but at the same time, many things in common. They both had many different setbacks and adversities but both overcame them and succeeded.
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Lady Jaguars

Caption: Lady Jags basketball team reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance.

(Problem Solution)

The girls in the Carroll county high school had an incomprehensible issue because of the couple hundred losing streak in the last 14 years. One possible answer to this is to is to try a little harder on the court. The video said that they didn't dribble very well and that they would not sprint on the court. This answer is beneficial because it would help them win a game. This answer has a negative side also though because they would have to put more time in practice to execute this. Therefor, to do this, they will have to practice more and work a little harder. As a result, this would help this horrible team win a game for once.

Winston Churchill


Winston Churchill was a great leader and in general just a strong historical figure.He was very motivational because of all the speeches he gave, Strong because he led Britain to victory in WWII, and very artistic because of all the great art pieces he created. He was born on November 30th 1874 in the United Kingdom. Winston was born into wealth and preformed at an average speed in school and he always showed a interest in the military. At age 14, he joined the rifle corps. He also was morose multiple times in his life, he was kicked out of parliament multiple times and lost the public's love in very crucial times. But his greatest accomplishment was most definitely being awarded with the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1953. The quote from his Harrow School speech "Never give in, never give in, never,never,never." best represents his overall character because he really never gave up all throughout his life.

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The Big Question

So there you have it, 10+ men and women who have done the impossible and persevered through the tough times in life. But who really cares right? How is that going to help you in life by just reading some random article? These people are the real superhumans because they just kept going. That's all you have to do too and that's the answer to this weeks... Big Idea.