Living in the Holocaust

"Night" entrees

What camp did to the lives of the Jews.

The camps the Jews were sent to were unimaginably awful. What was done to them I can not even fathom. How someone could do that to another living thing, let alone a human I don't think I will ever understand.

Camps changed the way that the prisoners thought about life. The camps tore people apart to where they seemed to be just a body, they had to go through so much and it took so much of their energy that they became angry and it seemed as if they had given up all hope. When the Jews arrived at camp their families were ripped apart. They split them up into groups men on one side, woman on the other. They were then inspected to see who was fit enough to be useful to these sick human beings. If they were to old they were sent to the fire pits and were burned alive. If they were too young they suffered the same fate. Infants were no exception. During the holocaust at the camps the relationships between the family members that were not separated suffered. Elie Wiesel became so mad at his own father that he didn't even care as he was beaten in fact he thought his father deserved it. Some boys only 13 years old were given power over their fathers and they would beat them and have them killed because they had the power to do it.

The novel "Night" reveals the horrid things that happened to a man named Elie Wiesel and his family. Three of the themes in this novel are, Awful things happen too good people, There is so much Evil in the world, and People can be "persuaded" to do very very awful things.

This book has opened my eyes to what really happened to these poor people. I knew they were gassed but I had no idea how awful it truly was. Today we hear about Isis and other terrible terrorist groups doing unimaginable things to Christians when I think about it it makes me want to puke. The camps the Jews were held In were kept secret from the public. To me this is an example of some of the awful things that happen to people that we don't even know about, and that is scary.