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Pocahontas was a brave woman who did many great things. When Pocahontas was a child she was always active and on the move. When Pocahontas was younger she saved John Smiths life. In 1613 Pocahontas was kidnapped by Captain Argall. Pocahontas was a really great person she was helpful and kind.


When Pocahontas was a child she was playful,active,and also brave. Pocahontas' real name was Matoaka. Her nickname was Pocahontas which ment "playful one". Pocahontas ran races and climbed trees faster than any other children. She also could do cartwheels and tricks. Pocahontas played a major role in the town of Jamestown she would bring food to the Jamestown coloney to help them from starving. In her childhood,Pocahontas was not only active she was helpful to others.

Her Marriage with John Rolfe

When Pocahontas was a teenager she married John Rolfe. Pocahontas married John Rolfe when she was seventeen. Pocahontas married John Rolfe in the Anglican Church in Jamestown on April 5th,1614. Then they returned back to England to live on his tobacco plantation. She had a son in 1615,and named him Thomas Rolfe. Pocahontas had a wonderful marriage to John Rolfe.

Kidnapped by Captain Argall

Pocahontas was kidnapped from Jamestown. Four years after John Smith left,Pocahontas was kidnapped from Jamestown,Virginiaby two colonists in March 1613 and brought toCaptain Argall. She was captured for four years. When she was freed she took the Christianity name Rebecca. After she took the name Rebecca she married John Rolfe. She was captured because the colonists wanted food so,they took her.


Pocahontas was not just brave,she also did many great things. As a child,she was known as being playful and active. When she was younger she saved John Smith's life. She was also kidnapped by Captain Argall. Pocahontas was a wonderful person.


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