The North Star Propoganda

The Newspaper That Spoke Against Slavery.

Newspaper That Drove The Nations Abolisionists

Democracy In America

When people are asked about the question of democracy and how they feel about it, They often give you answers like,"Democracy is Democracy." However during the revolution and the civil war people didn't take democracy for granted, they were trying to take it and make other peoples lives better (Slaves). Democracy has three aspects, power of the people, consent of the people and ultimately for the people. However this was impossible because there were slaves. The vote can come form pone body of people if other people are owning people. Therefore the idea was thrown out of the window. On the other hand everyone is equal, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, Women, etc, the idea of democracy can came into view. With this serene state of mind equality in america can finally be established.

Spreading news

The North Star was a newspaper that worked as a piece of propaganda against slavery. The Newspaper was founded in Rochester, New York by the famous black-American Fredrick Douglass writer and statesman. the paper was later name Fredrick Douglass's Paper before being shut down for financial reasons. It informed people about the events that were taking place in the south and other places where there was a lot of oppression to slaves. The Newspaper spoke out for other oppressed groups and well. A big topic being on women's rights. Again without equality, there is no democracy, equality was the first step to american democracy.

Quotes and Other Points of Intrestes

  • The motto of the north star was,"Right is of no Sex--Truth is of no Color--God is the Father of us all, and we are all Brethren,"
  • upon the creation of the newspaper Douglass said,"I still see before me a life of toil and trials..., but, justice must be done, the truth must be told...I will not be silent."
  • It also had a symbolic connection to Polaris (North Star) Because Polaris was the star that slaves followed to escape and go to the North Or the Canada.
  • Newspaper's purpose was to attack slavery in all aspects.

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Think about all of the great things that this newspaper did in order to speak out against slavery and also to potentially create and shape a better living environment for us. Democracy. Its not something all countries have.