Chapter 7

The Adult in the Society

Adult Male Development.

Psychologist Daniel Levinson and his colleagues did a intensive study on 40 men between the ages of 35 and 45 to determine the developmental stages of an adult male. They named the three basic era's of adulthood as early adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood.

The Early Adult Transition- Ages 17 through 22. It is the time where the individual go from being an adolescent to an adult.

Entering the Adult World- Ages 23 through 27. What happens in this stage is where individuals explore relationships and careers. Also during this period, the individual is expected to be a responsible adult or member of the society.

The Age 30 Transition- Ages 28 through 32. This is considered the difficult period because the individual will have to look back on what they have done throughout their life so far. Its normal for someone to re-evaluate their commitments during this period also.

The Settling Down Period- Ages 33 through 39. Levinson said the major goal in this period is what he called "making it" in the adult world. The individual must separate themselves from their mentor (helps them through their life).

The Midlife Transition- Ages 40 through 44. Time where the individual transition from early adulthood to middle adulthood. In Levinson's study he found about 80 percent of the subjects went through a severe crisis during this period.

Adult Female Development.

Levinson did another study, but this time was with women. Levinson studied 45 women drawn from three categories- college professor, homemaker and corporate executives.

Phase I: Leaving the Family- Women's transition into the adult world is much similar to men's transition. They leave home and make a life plan, less on a career than on marriage.

Phase II: Entering the Adult World-