Real World Issues

LIsset Gerardo

Mental illness

"Bipolar disorder causes dramatic highs and lows in a person’s mood" This quote reminds me of Rosemary becauswe she is bipolar. one minute she"ll be mad and then she'll pretend like nothing even happened.


"in civil disobedience are willing to accept the legal consequences of their actions, as this shows their fidelity to the rule of law". This quote reminds me of Rex Wall because he is always running away fromthe law.


This reminds me of Rex Walls because he was an alcoholic. when Rosemary worked he wanted to take her checks so he could go spend it when he got drunk. for one of Jeannettes birthdays he had promised her he would stop drinking but he never did.

Homeless emergency

"homeless occasion that better targets persons with the longest histories of homelessness and the highest level of need." this reminds me of the Walls family because they were pretty much homeless but not because they had a disability, but because they chose to live like that.

Parental rights

"A parent can also lose his or her parental rights after being convicted of certain felonies." this quote reminds me of Rosemary and Rex Walls because i think that they should of lost their parental rights because Rex was an alcoholic and rosemary didn't really pay much attention to her kids. they weren't very responsible parents.

School atttendance

"If a child is under age 12, his or her failure to attend school is presumed to be the crime of educational neglect committed by the child's parents/guardians." this quote reminds me of the kids & Rosemary & Rex walls because they didn't really send their kids a lot to school because they were constantly moving.