In Cold Blood

By: Haley C, Brittney S, Wyatt D, & Amber C

Alvin Dewey (Investigator for KBI)

  • Born: September 10, 1912 in Kingman County, Kansas
  • June, 1936: Joined Garden City Police
  • Attended San Jose State College (Police Administration
  • 1939: Kansas Highway Patrol State Trooper
  • 1940: FBI
  • June 28, 1942: Married Marie Louise Bellocq
  • 1945: Ran for sheriff for Finney County
  • 1959: Investigation of Clutter murder
  • Enlisted in National Guard, and had his two sons, Al and Paul
  • Death: November 6, 1987; Buried in Valley View cemetery

Alvin Dewey

Interesting Facts

  • Years of Law Enforcement career were happiest of his life
  • was a 32nd degree Mason
  • Although a friend of Capote's, he was irritated by the popularity of the book, because he wanted to write his own book about his true-life law enforcement and cases.

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