Theories Of Acids and Bases

Arrhenius Acid-Base Theory

Who was Arrhenius?

His name is Svante August Arrhenius and he was born on Feburary 19, 1859. He was born in Vik Sweden. In the early ages he had shown an increasing interest in arithmetical calculations, and in mathematics and physics. He went to the University of Uppsala where he studied chemistry, physics, and mathematics. He developed the ion theory to explain conductivity in electrolytes. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1903.

Basic Stating of Arrhenius' theory

Acids are substances which produce hydrogen ions in a solution. Bases are substances which produce hydroxide in a solution. When hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions react they create water which makes neutralisation happen.

A more detailed video about Arrhenius' theory

Arrhenius Theory of Acids-Bases