Peer Feedback Survey

Results from Amber's survey for PK-6 staff

What is your overall satisfaction?

How accessible am I?

21 out of 25 people responded positively to this question, including:
"I always feel like I can approach you about anything. You are very willing to drop anything that you are doing to help out with technology. "
"Very accessible. Always reachable by email and can come running when I send a kid your way."
"You are easy to get ahold of and drop what you are doing if you can come and help us with things."
"I like the fact that I know you're available each morning. You also do a great job letting us know where you are if you're not in your room. That is much appreciated!"
"The mornings are a great time to get you for help! You are also extremely willing to help in the afternoons. I have never felt as though I have been neglected."

4 out of 25 people shared concerns about me not being accessible in the afternoons:
"That has probably been my biggest concern. Due to your schedule, when you are free in the mornings I am not & when I am free in the afternoon you are not, so it's been difficult to collaborate - recesses just don't offer enough time & before school is too rushed."
"You are accessible in the morning if not in a meeting with Diane, but I only have a 15 minute break in the morning and my planning time is in the afternoon, so I guess I would need to see you first thing in the morning or over lunch."
"AM only!! Has to be in classes in PM"
"I am always busy in the A.M., so don't have the opportunity to seek you out. You are willing to answer my questions about matters."

In what ways have I helped you as a teacher? (responses were used to generate a word cloud and size is based on frequency)

In what ways have I helped your students?

In what ways have I hindered your teaching or student learning?

100% stated that I didn't hinder either.

After approaching me for help, were you satisfied with the outcome?

Most answers consisted of yes, absolutely, always, most definitely, etc.
"Absolutely. You never make me feel like I am taking up too much of your time. You always make sure to get the job done."
"Always! You are always open to helping & finding answers to technology questions I have & it is much appreciated!"
"Yes. I have needed refresher assistance, and you have always been willing to walk me through the steps again. "
"Yes, Every time I asked for help you very graciously helped me with anything from using the iPads to fixing computers etc. "
One potentially negative response:
"When time allowed, you helped me"

If you didn't utilize my services this year, why not?

All teachers felt like they utilized me except:
"I'm not always sure exactly what you're able to do and not do. This might be partially my fault because I know at the beginning of the year you explained this to us. Everything at the beginning of the year tends to turn to mush by the middle of the year. :o( Maybe a "refresher"?"
"I feel like I didn't utilize you enough this year. Sometimes I didn't feel like I knew exactly how to use you or what you could help me with or what technology I should be using with my students."
"I didn't have the need with the groups that I currently have."

What suggestions do you have for improvement?

All suggestions have been pasted below:
  • "We have a list of things we've talked about: creating the tech handbook, work form, job description"
"I always take a lot out of our collaboration meetings when we talk about technology. I would like to hear what other teachers are using more often. We could possibly use more collaboration time towards technology. Just a suggestion! :)"
  • "My biggest suggestion would be accessibility. Would it possible to have some times set aside after school next year for assistance? I know it wouldn't need to be every day or even every week, but it seems I have more time after school & don't feel as rushed as I am during the school day."
"Individual brainstorming sessions, I have lots of good ideas but don't know how to put them into my schedule. I know we are supposed to integrate it in to our existing lesson plans but I wonder about possibly building a 'tech' time into my day but am not sure how to structure it."
  • "Would love to have full time tech position - Although we all love the individual help - !!!! Wondering if there is a way to coordinate so others could be available when you are teaching or working with another teacher on a particular technology issue - i.e. using a new app or utilizing technology in a lesson...."
"Maybe give us a list of things you could/would like us to use you for or things the students should know technology wise each school year. Not sure I am making sense. It would be nice to know what 3rd graders are expected/should know by the time they leave 3rd grade. Not sure if there is a list out there or maybe we talked about that in a tech meeting. I am a list person and it would help me to visually see what I need to be teaching 3rd graders in technology. It may help me utilize you more if I knew for example 3rd graders need to know how to do iMovie, sticky notes, and Am I making any sense at all?"
  • "I like the work ticket idea! Good Luck!"
"I have thought about doing a technology collaborative lesson using some application or program. I am not thinking of anything specific (mainly because I don't know anything specific). I know you sent me an email some weeks back that dealt with geography. I should have looked into that further and maybe that would have been something we could have done as a shared lesson."
  • "Continue to do mini lessons during inservice or collaboration time to update us on new things"