First Grade Newsletter

October 29th - November 2nd

Red Ribbon Week- OCTOBER 29TH - NOVEMBER 2ND

October 29, Monday - “Don’t Get Mixed Up In Drugs!” - Wear Mismatched / Silly Socks, Crazy Hair, or Crazy Hat

October 30, Tuesday - “Follow Your Dreams, Don’t Do Drugs” - Wear Pajamas

October 31, Wednesday - “Say Boo To Drugs” - Dress as Your Favorite Story Book Character - no masks or scary costumes -

November 1, Thursday - “No Matter The Time, Be Drug-Free” - Throwback Thursday, Dress from any Era

November 2, Friday - “Show Your Armor Against Drugs” - Wear Brock Spirit Wear (or Under Armour attire), as we will be attending the BHS Pep Rally where Senior Baylor Cupp will be presented with the Under Armour All-American Football Team Jersey.

Casa Manana Field Trip

December 12th

Limited Parent Tickets Available.

***Parents that do not attend the play at Casa Manana are welcome to meet us at the park for lunch*** Please let your child's teacher know.


We will be using iPads and Chromebooks all year. We are asking each student to bring their own pair of headphones. Feel free to put your child's name on their headphones (with the cord). If you have questions, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Upcoming Events!

Oct. 29th- Nov 2nd- Red Ribbon Week

Nov.2nd- End of 2nd 6 Weeks

Nov. 4th- Time Change (Fall Back)

Nov. 5th- NO SCHOOL!

Nov. 7th- Picture Retakes

Nov. 9th- Veterans Day Program and Breakfast

Nov. 16th- Bring Your Parent to School Day

Nov. 19th - 23rd- Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 12th- Field Trip to Casa Manana

Hat Day & Fly Friday

Fly Friday- Fly Friday takes place every Friday morning. If students arrive before 7:40 they will need to go to the gym. Students who arrive after 7:40 will go straight to the Gym for Fly Friday. All students will attend Fly Friday.

Hat Day

For $1, your child is allowed to wear a ball cap (not a crazy hat). The money raised will go towards technology for our campus

Character Trait

Wear ORANGE on Wednesday!

Every 6 weeks we will talk about a different character trait. This 6 weeks our character trait is FAIRNESS.

Students that wear the color ORANGE on Wednesday's will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the office!

The color will change every 6 weeks.

This Week in First Grade...


Math: Unit 1 Assessment

Reading: Word detectives use words parts they know to read new words.

Writing: Elaboration in how- to books

Phonics: Storytime "The Big Mess"

Science/ Social Studies: Technology All Around Us


Math: Unit 2- Count on

Reading: Watch our for unusual words

Writing: Using comparisons to give readers clear directions

Phonics: Spelling with "all" and review bonus letter spelling

Science/ Social Studies: Technology All Around Us


Math: Add doubles

Reading: Word detectives smooth out their reading.

Writing: Writers write how- to books about things they learn throughout the day and from books.

Phonics: Word of the day- chill. Review marking and spelling words with bonus letters. Trick Words, was and one.

Science/ Social Studies: Technology All Around Us


Math: Use doubles to add

Reading: Word detectives show off their skills

Writing: Writing a series or collection of how- to- books to teach others even more about a topic

Phonics: Word of the day- call.

Science/ Social Studies: Technology All Around Us


Math: Pep- Rally

Reading: Review skills from the week.

Writing: Review skills from the week

Phonics: Teach trick words- said. Teach quotation marks.

Science/ Social Studies: Technology All Around Us