Performance Final

By: Hunter Berry

#1 The Threat of ISIS

The Article (ISIS, the Neocons, and Obama’s Choices) starts of to say that the beheading of James Foley by ISIS confirms that there is still a problem in the middle east with Sunni jihadist terrorism. Apparently killing Osama Bin-Laden did not counteract terrorism is an inclining way. Andy Becivh states that Americans should butt out but still give aid to countries threatened by ISIS. America is giving arms to rebels to help them fight of ISIS, however they are being intercepted by ISIS. The author goes on to say that if we can unite Iran, Syria, and America we can take down ISIS. The problem is that Iran and Syria do not get along. The U.S. is sending 10-15 thousand troops (primarily special forces) to handle the ISIS threat.

#2 Deadly Contact

In September 1994, a pregnant mare named Drama Series started showing symptoms in an outlying pasture and was brought back to her doctor stable for further evaluation. She continued to get worse as time went by. Within two days she died. The doctors wondered what had happened. Had she been bitten by a snake? Had she eaten some poisonous weeds out in the meadow? They concluded that this was not a snakebite or a toxic fodder. This was something contagious.

Other horses in her stable suffered fever, respiratory diseases, facial swelling and clumsiness. Twelve more of the animals died, despite the doctors willpower to try and keep them alive. During all of this the trainer and the stableman grew sick. Shortly after a few days in the hospital the trainer died. His kidneys had failed and he could not breathe. The stable foreman survived and went home a couple of days later.

Laboratory analysis revealed that the horses and the men were infected by a previously unknown virus. Before they knew the uniqueness of the virus they name it equine morbillivirus, later they then changed the name to Hendra.

#3 Starting School later Makes Teenager Happier and Smarter

This article starts off by stating that "making teens start off early in the morning is 'cruel', says the brain doctor." The Author Russell Foster gave a speech to the British Newspaper Headline in 2007, one disbeliever responded, "this man sounds brain dead." This was a typical reaction to the work that he was reporting at the time on teenagers sleep and its effect on students performance at school. UCL Academy in London, was the first to most recent to adopt the fundamentals. He then asks us the question: What are the facts about teenage slumber and how should society adjust to these needs? He writes that the biology of human sleep is timing. So like other mammals as we age our sleep times shift. He backs this by saying that is has been proven in many studies. He goes on to say that overall, that a tired teen is a tired, grumpy, moody, intensive, and stressed. He concludes by stating that this is his strongly held view, based on evidence, studies, and teachers.

#4 UGA RB Gurley falsely accused of assault in downtown Athens bar

The author of this article Joe Johnson states that the Athens-Clarke County police said that University of Georgia running back Todd Gurley was falsely accused of assaulting a man early Sunday in a downtown Athens bar. 20 year old University of Georgia college student called the police from his house at 3:18 a.m. to report that he had been punched by Todd Gurley about an hour earlier at the Bourbon St. Bar and Grill said the police. Police reviewed the surveillance footage from the bar and it was clear that a white man punched the accuser not Gurley. Gurley then agreed to give the police a statement and said that he did not see that man getting punched. However he did see the man getting pushed by other men. Shortly after the man was then kicked out of the bar.

The author of this article wants to inform his readers about the accusations against University of Georgia football player and student, Todd Gurley. It sounds like from reading this article that he wrote that he is not biased on the matter. He is just reporting the facts.

This article will affect the public’s view on Todd Gurley. It gives them a facts that lead to prove his innocence in the matter.

#5 Ebola-infected passenger was sent home from ER

The airline passenger who brought Ebola into the United States initially went to a Dallas emergency room last week but was sent home, despite telling a nurse that he had been in disease-ravaged West Africa, the hospital said Wednesday in a disclosure that showed how easily an infection could be missed. After the diagnosis was confirmed a nine member team of federal health officials tracked anyone who had come in contact with him after he fell ill. The group of 12 to 18 people included three members of the ambulance crew that took the man to the hospital and a handful of schoolchildren. These 18 to 21 people will be checked every 21 days. That is the diseases incubation period. The CDC is closely monitoring people coming back from Africa, among other places around the globe.

The author of this article wants to inform you on this pressing issue. He wants citizens to be cautious to the symptoms of the Ebola virus.

#6 Officer Breaks Window, and Uses Stun-Gun on Man

A cellphone video released Tuesday shows police in Indiana breaking a car window then using a stun gun on a man after police stopped the driver for not wearing a seat belt. A video, recorded by the driver’s 14-year-old son, captured a confrontation between two adults in the car and police. After police pulled over the driver, Lisa Mahone, officers demanded that passenger Jamal Jones produce identification — something the lawsuit says Jones did not have with him. The officers then told the passenger to get out of the vehicle. Jamal then said, “I know my rights.” He then refused to get out the car. The police officer then busted out the passenger side window of the car and tazed the man. Both the driver and the passenger feel that their civil rights were violated and are filing for a lawsuit. Both of these police officers have used excessive force in past situations.

The tone that this author uses in this article wants to inform you about police using excessive force. He points out the fact that there was a 14-year-old child in the car when they maliciously broke out the window and tazed the passenger, Jamal Jones.

The so what paragraph in this article is the second paragraph. The author explains what happened and that there was a 14-year-old child in the back of the car when this malicious act by the two officers occurred.

#7 Death of Ga. Southern student

By Mike Morris: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Police in Statesboro said Tuesday that they have not yet determined what killed a student at Georgia Southern University late last week. Channel 2 Action News reported that 18-year-old Brooke Edwards was found unresponsive in her off-campus apartment Friday, and was later pronounced dead. According to the university she was a sophomore biology student. A candlelight vigil was held in the teen’s memory Monday night at the university. The student’s cause of death still remains unknown. The medical examiners are still awaiting an autopsy report to reveal further information on the cause of death.

The author gives background on Edwards, he states that she was a 2013 graduate of North Forsyth High School. She was also the second Georgia Southern student from Forsyth County to die in Statesboro in recent weeks. The author Mike Morris wants to inform his readers that the C.O.D. still remains unknown until further information from the autopsy is revealed.

The so what paragraph tells us what happened. Police in Statesboro said Tuesday that they have not yet determined what killed a student at Georgia Southern University late last week.

#8 How to keep your Dog Healthy

Author Madeleine Innocent says that in the last 50 years or so, the health of domestic dogs has declined dramatically. Dogs are getting serious diseases at younger ages and are living shorter lives. She said that there is something clearly wrong with health-care for dogs. She proposes the question: What has happened in these years to so change the health of dogs? The two major answers to this question are their diet and veterinary care. The reasons that dogs’ diets are problematic are the cheap quality of the food and very low nutritional value. The reason that veterinary care for your dog can be harmful to them is due to the fact that they are not educated in nutrition for the dogs.

#9: 3 sentenced to life in prison in death of teen shot over shoes

In Grayson, Georgia three men were sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of gunning down a Gwinnett County teenager after an argument over sneakers. A jury found Andrew Murray, Tavaughn Saylor and Larnell Sillah guilty of murder in the December 2012 shooting death of 14-year-old Paul Sampleton Jr. The bound body was found on the kitchen floor of his Grayson townhouse. Police believe the incident began as a robbery. Investigators recovered the shoes and several other stolen items including clothing and electronics. All three of the suspects were found guilty of 19 counts of 20 counts, including malice murder, four counts of felony murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, conspiracies, gang activity and a violation of the Racketeering influenced and corrupt organizations act (RICO).

The author of this article wants to inform you on a past crime that occurred in 2012 in Grayson, Georgia. In this article there is generally not a tone.

#10 A Georgia School System Loses Its Accreditation

The Clayton County school system in metropolitan Atlanta on Thursday became the nation’s first in nearly 40 years to lose its accreditation, and the governor removed four of its school board members for ethics violations. The Clayton County School system was ruled unfit for accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. This was due to corruption in teachers and school board members for Clayton County schools. Parents and students were outraged by this decision. Students who have attended these schools up until their senior year and were preparing to go to college were unable to due to the fact that they were unable to graduate.

This authors tone is informal. However, the author only gives the reader quotes from students, parents, and teachers that were outraged by this decision.

#11 OPEC Split as Oil Prices Fall Sharply

Oil prices sank again on Monday, giving consumers more of a break and causing a split among OPEC leaders about what action should be taken, if any, to halt the slide. The price drop has led to a near free fall in gasoline prices in the United States. On Monday, the national average price for regular gasoline was $3.20, 9 cents lower than it was a week ago and 14 cents below the price a year ago, according to the AAA motor club. The price at the pump generally follows oil after a few days, leading energy experts to predict lower prices for the rest of the month at least. Mr. Kloza predicted that the national average for regular gasoline was headed to between $2.95 and $3.10 a gallon. The average household consumes 1,200 gallons of gasoline a year, translating into an annual savings of $120 for every 10-cent drop in the price of gasoline.

The author of this article is informing his readers that gasoline prices have dropped significantly and will continue to drop in the following months. This will increase the savings per household on gasoline costs per year.

#12 C.D.C. Rethinking Methods to Stop Spread of Ebola

The transmission of the virus (Ebola) in Dallas, Texas is being rethought by Center for Disease Control. Somehow a nurse contracted Ebola after treating a man who had recently came back from Africa. She wore her gown, her mask and all of her other protective gear. Officials from the Center for Disease Control are trying their best to stop the spread of Ebola. One Center for Disease Control official stated, “I have no doubt that we will stop it in its tracks in the U.S.” He began Monday’s press briefing by saying that “stopping Ebola is hard.” Centers for Disease Control are advising hospitals on how to stay protected when treating Ebola patients. Other employees at the hospital who came in contact with the patient infected with Ebola are being closely monitored.

The author's so what paragraph contains a quote from a C.D.C. official stating that, “I have no doubt that we will stop it in its tracks in the U.S.” He began Monday’s press briefing by saying that “stopping Ebola is hard.” This statement shows the readers that the C.D.C. is unprepared for what is already an epidemic.

#13Workout Smarter, Not Longer

A woman who goes to the gym three time a week and works out thirty minutes for each workout is not seeing any results. Zen a professional trainer says the lack of results that she sees is due to the fact that she does the same thing every time she goes to the gym. He says that your body is like you reading a book. If you read the same book over and over your mind gets bored with the content. So, when you do the same workouts ever single time, regardless if you workout longer or more time per week you body gets bored. His solution is having variation to each of your workouts. This means that when you go to the gym you need to do full body workouts. This make it so that you body does not get tired of workout after workout being the same. Some of the workouts that people often do every time they go to the gym are the treadmill, the machines, and others. One of the good workouts that he recommends are full body variations such as lunges with kettle balls. This workouts out your whole body.

#14 The legend of "Stingy Jack"

The makings of jack o lanterns have been tradition for centuries. Its origins come from an Irish myth of "Stingy Jack". According to the story, Stingy Jack invited the Devil to have a drink with him. True to his name, Stingy Jack did not want to pay for his drink, so he convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin that Jack could use to buy their drinks. Once the Devil did so, Jack decided to keep the money and put it into his pocket next to a silver cross, which prevented the Devil from changing back into his original form. Jack eventually freed the Devil, under the condition that he would not bother Jack for one year and that, should Jack die, he would not claim his soul. The next year, Jack again tricked the Devil into climbing into a tree to pick a piece of fruit. While he was up in the tree, Jack carved a sign of the cross into the tree’s bark so that the Devil could not come down until the Devil promised Jack not to bother him for ten more years.

#15 The last American Vampire

Vampire hysteria gripped a small New England town in 1892. The residents dug up the bodies of one family stricken by consumption and tore the heart out of the body of one teenaged girl suspected of being undead. Edwin Brown was wasting away; his tuberculosis was killing him with haste over a period of two years. The townspeople then turned their attention to the casket of Mercy Brown, who had died eight weeks earlier. Accounts differ as to whether Mercy’s body had already been buried or if it rested in a crypt until the ground could thaw and undertakers could dig a grave. However, when the lid was lifted off of Mercy’s coffin, her body was found on her side. Her face appeared flush, and there was blood in her heart and in her veins.This was not the first time the folk remedy of burning the organs of the dead and mixing the ashes into an elixir for the sick had been tried in Rhode Island, even in Exeter. In 1799, the townspeople exhumed the body of Sarah Tillinghast, suspecting her of being a vampire. Author Diana Ross McCain reports there were 18 documented instances of the exhumation of family members in suspected vampire cases throughout New England in the 18th and 19th century, but the case of Mercy Brown would be the last.

#16 The 100-Year-Old Electric Car

Electric fuel cars are old news to Jay Leno. He owns several that date back to nearly the dawn of the automobile era. The newest classic electric car that Jay Leno own is from 1925 the oldest is 1909. However all the of these cars were way before their time period so they failed. His Baker Electric dates back nearly 100 years and it's a late model. By then, the company had been selling electrics for more than a decade. Unlike other early cars, the Baker Electric needed no cranking, had no gasoline smell and was essentially maintenance-free. This car was mainly marketed to women. He also owns what can be considered an ancestor of today's hybrids, an Owen Magnetic. First seen at the auto show in New York City in 1915 — just about the time that Baker Electric gave it up — the Owen Magnetic has a gas engine and an electric generator. All of these cars were way before their time and should be recognized as works of craftsmanship.

#17 Is this the maddest Aventador yet?

Not many humans can look at the Lamborghini Aventador and say that it does not have incredible style and craftsmanship. It Has a visual bite! In Europe this car can cost you around the ballpark of £260,000. Thats a lot of money. Thats around $330,000. First of all, you may notice that the expensively exotic carbon construction has been somewhat expanded. That's thanks to some additional bodywork screwed - yes, screwed! - on to accommodate some monster Toyo-wrapped wheels nestling snugly in the arches, thanks to a lower ride height. There are also new splitters front and rear, gaping sideskirts and a monster wing extending from the rear bumper - just like a GT race car. Aside from a new exhaust system, there's no word of any major mechanical changes or enhancements to the 6.5-litre V12 residing behind the driver's head.

#19 Ferguson, Missouri

This article starts off by stating that an unarmed "black" teenager was shot and killed on the ninth of August, by Officer Darren Wilson. This shooting prompted major protesting and chaos for big cities all over the nation. The precursor to the protests and chaos was the grand jury's decision to not convict Officer Darren Wilson. At 11:54 a.m. Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson leave the liquor store. They were caught on camera stealing cigarillos and assaulting the owner when he confronted them. At 12:01 p.m. Officer Darren Wilson arrives, alone in his police vehicle. Talking through his window he tells the two men to move to the sidewalk. He can see that one of them fits the description of Michael Brown. At 12:02 p.m. Officer Wilson makes a call to the dispatcher about the two men. He positions his vehicle to block traffic as well as the two men. Several of the witnesses reported seeing an altercation in the the officer's vehicle. Some said Brown punched Officer Wilson while brown was partly inside the vehicle. One witness said that no part of Brown was never inside the vehicle. In his own testimony Officer Wilson said that Brown reached into the vehicle and fought for his gun. Examiners found Mr. Brown’s blood or other DNA outside the driver’s door, outside the left rear passenger door, inside the driver’s door, on the upper left thigh of Officer Wilson’s pants and on Officer Wilson’s shirt and weapon.Two shots were fired by Officer Wilson. One bullet was found lodged in the driver’s door. Mr. Brown had a graze wound on his right thumb, consistent with a close range shot. The grand jury that decided not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson operated differently from a typical grand jury in Missouri. A typical case tends to be presented to a grand jury in about one day. In Wilson's The grand jurors in the Officer Wilson case met for 25 days over three months.

The Author's writing style in my opinion was unbiased toward the Ferguson case. The facts were presented with evidence to prove this credible. The style in no way interferes with the facts of the article.

The "so what" paragraph is when the author presents us the chart showing us that Wilson got a completely fair grand jury decision. There are many stipulations that were not followed in his case. These stipulations gave Wilson an unfair advantage against the charges that they were trying to pin on Wilson.

The primary source in this article is that the evidence showed that Brown was running toward Wilson. Wilson in fear for his life, then fired off shots, in self defense.

Some of the challenges that have arisen from the reporting of this story are rioting, vandalism, fatalities, and racism.

This article is very controversial and is known nation wide. However is does not directly relate to academic and school criteria.

This article has many strong points including the author presenting the facts with evidence to back the claims, the author not putting his personal opinion anywhere in the article, and the author giving specific details.

One suggestion that I have is for the author to publish another article with his own opinion on the matter.

#18 House set to rebuff Obama's executive actions on immigration

House Republicans are preparing to rebuff President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, with a vote on legislation that would declare the actions “null and void and without legal effect.” The legislation will mostly be perceived as a message because it is unlikely to pass through the Senate. Conservatives are demanding language in the spending bill that would block Obama's move to defer deportations and grant work permits to more than 4 million immigrants here illegally.Republican leaders fear such spending-bill language could court an Obama veto and even a government shutdown -- something they're determined to avoid after their resounding midterm election victories last month left them with a desire to show voters they can govern responsibly. The Ted Yoho bill is part of House GOP leadership's two-part strategy to appease conservative immigration hardliners incensed about Obama's moves on immigration. However, some believe the bill does not go far enough. Some conservatives insist on strict spending-language to strip money for Obama’s move.

This author's writing style may be perceived by some as biased. However, the author is reporting facts that some may not agree with in terms of them being from conservatives.

The "so what" paragraph of this story occurs when the author tells us that the Yoho bill may not work in terms of the president and the opposing parties in the house currently.

Some challenges that may come to life when reporting this story is that fact that this article is going against President Obama's illegitimate reforms that he has made to immigration.

This article most likely would not be included in our newspaper. This is due to the political oppositions thorough the article. This may spark controversy among students, parents, and teachers.

#19 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 returns (Longform)

Fifty years after the original made history, Ford has introduced an all-new Mustang Shelby GT350. The super high performance pony car is the Blue Oval brand’s answer to the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28. Like its crosstown rival, it’s a street-legal road racer filled with racing technology. Under the hood is a 5.2-leiter V8 that features a flat-plane crank. It provides better engine breathing, improved responsiveness and potentially sky-high revs. The Shelby gt350 has more than 500 hp and more that 400 lb-ft of torque. That power goes to the rear Torsen limited-slip differential via a six-speed manual transmission, and to the road through 19-inch diameter wheels with 11-inch wide tires, complimenting the 10.5-inch tires up front. To stop this beast it includes 5.5-inch brakes with six-piston Brembo calipers do the stopping with likely more than a little help from the 14.5-inch four-piston set in the rear. A stiffened chassis and MagneRide active suspension, like many of those Ferrari’s and GM performance cars use, manage the car through the turns. The agressive bodywork is meant to resemble the older 60's body style for the mustang. Ford brought back the classic gt350 name due to the redefinements in the styling of the body to be simmilar to the 60's style mustangs. Ford hasn’t yet announced when the GT350 will go on sale, or how much it will cost, but it makes its public debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week when more details are expected to be revealed.

This authors writing style is non-oppinion coordinated, its factual oriented to inform the readers on the new 2015 Ford Mustang - Shelby gt350.

The nut gaff of the story occurrs when the author presents to us the information saying that the car includes a magna-ride suspension also inclued on Ferrari's. This shows the readers the technalogical advances that have been implemented to the new Shelby gt350.

I really cant see any problems that would occurr with reporting this story. It is based on facts on a new vehicle.

This article probably would not be located in our school's newspaper. It is not related to school occurrances and functions.

Some of the stregnths of this article include the facts and the pictures to show the new vehicle that has not for sale yet.

#20 Discovered Francium. And It Killed Her. (LONGFORM)

This author of this article gives you a background on Marie Curry, the scientific advancements that she made, and her death. Marie twenty-nine years old in 1939 was a chemist who worked in a lab with radioactive materials. In this time period they did not know that the elements that they were working with were radioactive. However, this resulted in the advancements in science that we all know today. When Marie was working in the labs with her assistants and co-workers in the labs they did not know that radiation was harmful to your body, caused cancer, and eventually after long term exposure, resulted in death. They discovered many new elements that we now use today such as the radiation for x-rays and the radiation for chemotherapy used on cancer patients. They made the discovery that the radiation that we now use for chemotherapy could kill off cells in the human body that cause cancer. However, being exposed to these chemicals causes hair loss and if the patient is not strong enough for the treatment it will result in death.

The tone that this author uses is informal. The informal tone shows us something that we may not have know prior to reading this article. No bias seen throughout the entire article.

The so what paragraph occurs when Marie and others who have came into contact with the radiation die.

I do not see any problems that would occur with publishing or reporting this story. It is not slandering anyone.

This could be included in our school newspaper in the science section (if we even have one of those). It informs us of the elements, the scientific advancements of this time, and what the elements are used for in today's society.

#21 Isis Beheads Yet Another American Journalist

Tuesday, Isis the Islamic extremist militant group beheads yet another American journalist. This is the 70th American journalist that has been killed by them. Isis made the video showing the American journalist being beheaded public on the internet Tuesday. The video surfaced days after Sotloff’s mother pleaded with the leader of ISIS for mercy. ISIS beheaded another American journalist, James Foley, in a video released Aug. 19 and threatened to kill Sotloff unless President Barack Obama ended the airstrikes, which have pummeled ISIS targets in Iraq for four weeks. Scottloff the journalist who was beheaded was 31 years old and grew up in Miami, Fl. He wrote about conflicts in the middle east for Time magazine and other publications. The video was titled "A Second Message to America."

The author's tone suggests that this beheading is not the last to be seen among the American people.

This article probably would not be a good candidate for our school newspaper. It portrays things that are crude and violent.

It might be tough to report this story because it deals with dangerous people who behead and kill lots of American citizens.

If I had to suggest some key points for this article there would be none. It completely tells what happened and the actions that the United States it taking to prevent this from happening again.

#22 End the Self-Destructive War on Drugs

Oscar Reynosa owed his Mexican drug cartel bosses over $300,000. He was running out of time to pay them back for all of the money that he owes them. Gunmen from the Mexican cartel that he owed the $300,000 to snatched him up. He was chained to a wall in his basement by his hands and ankles. They beat him senselessly. The people who had captured him, members of a very powerful Mexican drug cartel, kept him in the sweltering dirty basement for six days without food. All of this took place in metro Atlanta, Georgia. United States Federal Agnets are fighting to keep the number of drug related deaths down. Here in Gwinnett County the Hispanic population was 8,470. In 2000, the Hispanic population grew to over 67,000. It is projected that in the upcoming year 2010, the Hispanic population will grow up to 25% of Gwinnett County's population. This makes it even easier for dangerous Mexican drug cartels to hide among the hardworking Hispanic population.

The author's tone suggests that he truly believes that is an ever rising epidemic. The D.E.A. is helping to fight the war but, he believes that is will just keep rising to extraordinary proportions.

This article would not be appropriate for our school's newspaper. It portrays graphic content that is not constructive for our school's students.

I think that is would be hard to publish this story because the Mexican cartel might see it and my name as the author. They might hunt me down and kill me.

Some recommendations that I have for the author of this article would be to put some graphics to make it more interesting. I know that sound kind of weird but, people may like it.

#23 Obesity Is Found to Gain Its Hold in Earliest Years

Studies have shown that children in kindergarten, who were overweight, became obese by the time that they became a teenager. Studies have also shown that children who were a normal weight in kindergarten, stayed a normal weight in the transition to being a teenager and also when they were a teenager. The author states, "The main message is that obesity is established very early in life, and that it basically tracks through adolescence to adulthood." This means that in a average child, obesity is usually carried out throughout their whole life. Sometimes a child that is obese becomes a normal weight but, not the majority of the time. These results came from a study that tracked young children's weight to when they became a teenager. Both average weight children and obese children were in the study. Experts say they may reshape approaches to combating the nation’s obesity epidemic, suggesting that efforts must start much earlier and focus more on the children at greatest risk. The findings of the study show that obese children usually don't become a normal weight from the transition to becoming a teenager all the way to being a teenager. It also shows that children that who were an average weight, stayed an average weight all the way to being a teenager. But the results do provide a possible explanation for why efforts to help children lose weight have often had disappointing results. The steps may have aimed too broadly at all schoolchildren, rather than starting before children enrolled in kindergarten and concentrating on those who were already fat at very young ages.Previous studies established how many children were fat at each age but not whether their weight changed as they grew up. While valuable in documenting the extent of childhood obesity, they gave an incomplete picture of how the condition developed.

The tone of this author's tone in this article shows that he/she wants something to be done about obesity. As it is becoming more of a problem in today's society with America's lax lifestyle and unhealthy food choices.

This article may not be appropriate for our school's newspaper due to the fact that it may offend some students that are obese. It also may offend the parents of obese students.

I could not see any problems with reporting or publishing this article. It gives us statistics on obesity and things that we may not have known about the condition.

The only recommendations that I have for this author who wrote this article would be to add the weights of the candidates in the study to show the readers the facts to back up the claims.

#24 More Teens Using Drugs at School, Studies Show

Teens in a just-released national study reported that nearly one in five of their classmates drink, use drugs and smoke during the school day, and more than a third said it is fairly easy to do so without getting caught. More middle and high school students than ever know how to buy alcohol, marijuana or prescription drugs within a day and for the first time, private schools are no longer immune from drugs on campus. For the sixth consecutive year, 60 percent or more of teens in the survey reported that drugs are used, kept or sold at schools and 52 percent said there's a place on or near school grounds where students go during the day to use drugs, drink or smoke cigarettes.

This would be a great article for our school newspaper to include. It provides insight on the ever-growing epidemic of drug use at school and teens knowing where to get the and also buy them.

A recommendation that I have for the author of this article would be to include statistics for all of the states. This would be helpful to readers to see what areas have high drug uses at schools and students who know how to buy and use them.

The tone of this article by the author suggests that he/she realizes that students are learning these illegal tactics and younger and younger ages. Even as early as middle school.

#25 The Actual Facts Regarding the McDonald's Hot Coffee Injury Lawsuit (Longform)

There are a lot of misconceptions to the case of the elderly woman getting burned by McDonald's scalding hot coffee. What the newspapers and other news reporting organizations published for the general population to see was completely misleading and the majority of the so called "facts" of the case were proven by evidence to be false. Stella Liebeck of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was in the passenger seat of her grandson's car when she was severely burned by McDonald's' coffee in February 1992. Liebeck, 79 at the time, ordered coffee that was served in a Styrofoam cup at the drive through window of a local McDonald's. Her grandson then pulled over to into a parking space. He handed his grandmother the coffee. She then did what she does every morning, she put the coffee in between her legs to hold it so she can put her sugar and creamer in it. The cup of coffee then tipped over towards her. The result was third degree burns and some that were more severe. Most of the burns had to have a skin graph they were so godawful. She almost died in intensive care the burns were so severe and covered such a broad area of her lower body. Following the treatments, she then filed a law-suit against McDonald's. She opted to settle for $20,000, McDonald's refused! During discovery, McDonald's produced documents showing more than 700 claims by people burned by its coffee between 1982 and 1992. McDonald's also said during discovery that, based on a consultants advice, it held its coffee at between 180 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain optimum taste. Other establishments sell coffee at substantially lower temperatures, and coffee served at home is generally 135 to 140 degrees. Plaintiffs' expert, a scholar in thermodynamics applied to human skin burns, testified that liquids, at 180 degrees, will cause a full thickness burn to human skin in two to seven seconds. The jury awarded Liebeck $200,000 in compensatory damages. This amount was reduced to $160,000 because the jury found Liebeck 20 percent at fault in the spill. The jury also awarded Liebeck $2.7 million in punitive damages, which equals about two days of McDonald's' coffee sales.

The author's writing style suggests the he/she thinks that there was a misconception among most people. People even made videos that showed them spilling coffee on themselves and laughing and saying, "We'll just sue for a couple million." All of these were in reference to her. They would not have made these if they had know the actual facts of the case and saw the photographic evidence.

The "so what" paragraph occurs what the author lets us know that the perception among most people was proven to be wrong.

The primary source that the author could not do without is the evidence regarding the actual civil suit and the evidence that McDonald's actually put in their franchisee's training that the coffee should maintain a constant temperature of 185 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum flavor.

Some challenge that may come with reporting this story might be the misconception among people. Usually when when a person or a group of people make up their mind is is hard (even with direct proof) to change their judgement. So this author of this article may get a lot of negative comments.

This article most likely would not be included in our school's newspaper. If you were to provide some of the photographic evidence it would be inappropriate for the student body to see.

The strengths of this article is the evidence that was included. I have heard people joke about this case many times. I have laughed along with them and even said some harsh comments regarding it. However, i watched a movie in my law class and it specifically deals with the evidence of this case. Once I learned the facts and saw the photographic evidence. I was disgusted!

One suggestion that I could recommend for a followup piece would be for the author to put the pictures of Stella's burned areas for everyone to see. That would most-likely change the public view of this.

#26 Social Media and Harlem Teens Behid Bars (LONGFORM)

Two brothers, Asheem and Jelani, were born exactly one year apart to the day. The two grew up together in their mother’s small apartment on the corner of 129th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard in New York’s Harlem neighborhood. As young children, the brothers were good friends with kids from all over Harlem. As they matured into adolescent young men, a set of once-invisible rivalries began to surface. The True Money Gang from the Johnson Houses was at war with the Air It Out crew from the Taft Houses. Crews from Grant and Manhattanville projects exchanged gunfire in the streets. As he grew up, Jelani looked forward to leaving the neighborhood for school, “So I didn’t have to look behind my back every two seconds to see if someone about to bash me in the head,” he says. When Asheem was 13 and Jelani was 12, the Henry boys began running with a crew based on 129th Street between Fifth Avenue and Lenox. The Goodfellas was a clique that offered the boys camaraderie, cache, and protection from other crews. “If you in another crew’s area, without your boys, those niggas will jump you,” explains Asheem. In November of 2011 the life that was hard to escape had finally caught up with them. Asheem was arrested on conspiracy charges as part of gang raid that targeted the Goodfellas. Five months later, Jelani was arrested and charged with a double attempted murder charge following a shooting in the neighborhood. Social media evidence was at the center of the older brother’s case, and the the family says online activity figured into the arrest of the younger brother as well. The mother speaks to the author of this article and agrees to let them write an article on this story and publish a short documentary of the evnts that occured too.

The author's tone suggests that he/she feels sympathetic for the two boys. The younger brother Asheem was wrongly convicted of a crime that he did not commit. The only evidence that the prosecutor had was he lived in a neighborhood where the suspect was seen and he was a light skinned, tall, black male. He sat in jail for 18 months awaiting trial. He then was found not guilty due to the lack of evidence and the prosecution had no case against him.

The nug-gaf of the story occurs when the author reveals to us that the younger brother Asheem was racially profiled and remained in jail for 18 months, just for the case to be thrown out due to lack of evidence on the prosecution.

The source the author could not do without is in the short video documentary. It gives the the two brothers and their mom's perspective. It makes you feel bad not only for the two brothers but also the mother. She was a single parent who worked her ass off working two jobs to support her kids. This includes getting the all the way through high school and keeping them out of trouble. In my oppinion she did a great job. Both of the brothers graduated high school.

I could not see any challenges that would come with reporting this story.

This article most likley would not be included in our school's newspaper is is non-relevant to school priorities.

One suggestion that I would offer to the author would be to follow up on this story and see if the older brother is out of jail and how the little brother and mom are doing.