Separation of Church and State

McCullum vs Board of Education

The issue:

In 1940 a group of educators allowed outside teachers to come in during regular school hours in order to teach religion based classes. The problem being that the students were marked as tardy or absent. A group of people had an issue which caused a question as to whether or not an outside source or third party should be allowed to to provide sudents with religious instructions.

The Result

After months in court, a decision was made. Forcing students to- participate in religion based classes was an infraction of their First Amendment. In an 8-1 vote, the religious teachers were prohibited. "The ruling also enforces rules and regulations position all instruction in and teaching of religious education in all public schools."

As an Educator

If I were teaching in 1948 and my students or children were being subjected to religious values I was not a part of I would fight against it. It is not up to educators in recent centuries to push religion or family values. Now, I would follow the rules set by standards and arguments such as presented above.