Weight Watchers

Why Try Weight Watchers !?

What is weight watchers

Weight Watchers is a diet plan that was first developed in 1960, it encourages people to lose weight but also it has its pros and cons

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Weight Watchers has its pros and its cons. Their pros are that no food is forbidden plus you are aloud to eat a snack every once in awhile. The con would have to be that it is expensive if you want to lose a lot of weight.


For a example of what you can eat is a boiled egg with a slice of toast and low fat spread. You can also have reduced-fat cheddar on a baked potato, salad of tomato's and crumbles. For a dinner meal you could have roasted chicken and potatoes and gravy, carrots, one scoop of ice cream. For our desserts there is berries, glass of wine, and 2 chocolate thins.