Conners' Rating Scales- Revised

Conners' Rating Scales-Revised: C.Keith Conners, Ph.D

Published by MHS: Multi-Health Systems Inc.

Published 1997; Revised 2008

Social/ Emotional Test

Ages 6-18 years

Helps diagnose and identify children with ADHD and ODD-CD

Requirements for Testing

Length: 20 minutes

Qualifications of examiner: Psychologists, education, occupational therapists, and social workers

Test materials: CRS-R form/score sheet, pencil, calculator

Self rating scale, Parent rating scale, Teacher rating scale

Scoring and Results

Scoring method: By hand; Scoring grid

Basal and ceiling N/A

Types of scores obtained:

The raw scores are compared to the child's age group in order to find the child's T-score/ standardized score

Reflection and Application to Classroom

Letters to parents

"Student of the Week"

Introduction to class (Objectives, warm up, etc.)

Introducing a new topic to students

Students can use it to:

Do a report or assignment

Book summaries