Sign Language Interpretor

Gaby Rosales


  • Render ideas correctly, fast and clearly
  • relay style and tone
  • speak, read and write fluently in 2 languages
  • convert concepts in English to Sign Language,Cued Speech, or Oral Interpretation

Pay Rate

Varies depending on what kind of Interpreter you want to be.

  • CIA sign language interpreters offer up to 75,000 - 115,000 a year for their positions
  • Chicago's average sign language interpreters pay range from 17.00$ - 33.00$ an hour

Working Location

Often varies on where u want to work, most work is available in: schools, courtrooms, hospitals, police stations, conventions. Typically your at home working.

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Education Needed

High School Diploma

A bachelor degree

Study American Sign Language

Skills Required

Able to multi-task

Able to interpret sign language clear and fast