Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756- 1791

By; Connor Owens

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Mozart's Early Life

Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1756. He was considered to be child prodigy, at the toddler ages his father taught him how to play the harpsicord. His full name is Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart he was a very enthusiastic and childish even at a older age.. He was traveling the world to preform for the wealthy or royalty. The word spread and soon he was composing symphonies at his young age of nine for parties or enjoyment. He had a sister named Anne Marie otherwise known as Nannerl. She had toured Europe along with her younger brother Mozart and their father Leopold Mozart. He then started to compose many pieces leading up to adulthood.
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Salzburg, Austria

This map of Salzburg, Austria was made around Mozart's time. Mozart was born here but didn't spend much time here as he traveled to many different places like Rome, England, and Vienna. Vienna is where he moved to in 1781 because it was the capital of the music world. He there composed many pieces and married Constanze Webber. His traveling influenced him to know 15 different languages! He lived the rest of his life in Vienna as he died of a Rheumatic fever while writing his last piece.
W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 41 (Jupiter)

Mozart's Music

Mozart made many different pieces of music like concertos, symphonies, masses, and opera. His pieces totaled to over 600 music he made music ever since he was small. He made 41 symphonies, 26 concertos, and 19 masses in his short 35 years in life. He composed his considered best piece, Jupiter in 1788. It was widely known and was praised as the king of all symphonies. It contains his signature melody along with very loud aggressive parts while some parts are soft and passionate.

Mozart's Legacy

Mozart was one of the best musician ever known he was a child when he first became so well known across Europe. He accomplished many things at a very young age before 10 he was playing piano for royalty. Mozart will also be remembered for his more serious pieces completed in adulthood. He will be remembered across Europe for his prodigal and amazing skills as a child and adult. That is Mozart's great and amazing Legacy as a musician.

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