Web Quest Scavenger Hunt

Graham Burdon and Luke Pavao

Question 1: The Earliest Computing Device

The abacus was invented in 2400 B.C. by the Babylonians. This machine was used to count and do math by moving sand and pebbles on rods. The abacus is still used today in Asia and it is a popular tool in teaching math to people who are blind.


Question 2: These Are In Order

Question 3: The Role of Texas Instruments

Jack Kilby, an employee of Texas Instruments, had a breakthrough 50 years ago. he invented the integrated circuit; this object cut the amount of wiring needed to connect the components of a computer greatly. The integrated circuit would change the ways computers were made forever.


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Question 4: Computer History

On March 16, 2005, Jim Levine made an adapter for mouses that helps smooth out shakiness on the mouse. He invented this adapter to people with trembling hands. He got the idea from seeing his uncle who had Parkinson's Disease struggle with his mouse.



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Question 5: The World Wide Web and E-commerce

On August 6, 1991, the World Wide Web became available to the public. Thanks to its creator, Tim Berners-Lee, the whole world could explore the Internet. E-commerce also began in 1991, allowing the world to buy and sell almost everything online.



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Question 6: Favorite Website

Website: YouTube

1. Created in February of 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

2. Its purpose is to allow people to share their videos with the world.

3. You can find this website at youtube.com

4. This website does have a "buy now" feature. People can buy space for their advertisements and they can buy movies and TV programs off of YouTube.

5. YouTube makes profit from advertisers and selling movies, shows, etc.




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Question 8: Apple's Co-Founders

Steve Wozniak and Ron wayne are the remaining co-founders of Apple Incorporated. Wozniak invented the Apple I computer. Ron Wayne left early because he had personal issues with Steve Jobs.

Question 9: Microsoft Co-Founders

Paul Allen and Bill Gates are the co-founders of Microsoft. They created one of the biggest computer software companies in the world. Bill Gates also became one of the richest people in the world.




Question 10: Facebook Co-Founders

Question 12: First Game

The first computer game is called Pong. It was created in 1966. In this game, there is one paddle on each side that hits the ball. This game is fairly simple, and it is still one of the most well known computer games today.


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Question 13: Video Games

Video games will advertise products by making a product a usable object or putting it on a billboard.


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Question 14: Technology at Disney World

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Question 15: The First Computer

Question 16: Chess

In May 1997, a chess-playing computer called Deep Blue defeated Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov.


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Question 17: Plankalkul

Karl Zuse invented Plankalkul to write what we know today as programming. With programming, you can control the functions of a computer.



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Question 18: Buying Books

According to Digital Book World, in 2012, 43.8% of books bough were online.


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Question 19: Ancient Algorithms

Babylonians developed the first algorithms for excavations, linear equations, and geometric problems.



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Question 20: Dog Pound Distributors