What's up in ELA

By: Abigail Crowley


This week we have been working on Oreo. Oreo stands for opinion, reason, example, and opinion. This is for making inferences.

Useful or waste of time voice

The chart on the right is a useful or waste of time voice chart this means that we were charting our voice in our heads and were deciding whether or not the voice was useful or waste of time.

Some of my work

Reading and writing


In ELA we have been doing writing prompts and free writing. One of our prompts was to write a letter to our friend who gave us onion flavored gum. Another prompt was to pretend that we were in our 70's or 80's and complain about kids these days. My free writing was about volleyball and it takes place during a volleyball game.


We have also been learning about Reading strategy's, there are 7; Predict, Visualize, Question, Connect, Identify, Infer, & Identify.

Reading strategies

These Reading strategies help us better understand the story that we are Reading.