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What is SAMR?

SAMR is a model that allows teachers to evaluate how technology enhances or transforms the learning experience. It was developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura to help reflect upon how we are integrating technology in the classroom.

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Technology acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional change. Basically, we are doing a task that can be done with paper and pencil. For example, a student could type a report in Pages rather than writing it with pencil and paper or working a math problem on Doodlebuddy instead of paper. This is the lowest form of integration in the SAMR model.


Technology acts as a direct tool substitute with some functional improvement. The task itself does not change but some features using technology are added. For example, students may model a math problem using the stamps in Doodlebuddy, using information found on the internet, or add a voice over.


Technology allows for significant task redesign. Students can share what they write on a Google Doc, blog, etc. to allow for collaboration. An iMovie can be made from a piece of writing or a problem given in class.


Technology allows for the creation of new tasks that were previously inconceivable. This is the highest level of the SAMR model. Students use their writing to create story boards and multimedia presentations that can then be shared. Students are interacting and receiving immediate feedback.
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