3 Religions Mini Project

Followers of islamic

Islamic followers are called Muslim.There are 1 billion followers. It is one of the fastest growing religions in the world. The largest population of Muslims are in Indonesia.

Central Teaching and Beliefs

Muslims believe that there religion is based on divine revelations that came from God through a long line of prophets where chosen by God to speak for him.

Holy Book

The Koran is the book that Islam teaching are based on. Muslim leaders collected and preserved the prophet Mohammad revolutions. Muslims believe that God spoke through Mohammad. The Koran is also the main source for all Islamic law.

Holy Days/ Holidays

During the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from daybreak to sunset at the end of the month Muslims end their fast and celebrate Idalfitar, the festival of breaking the fast. Also nearly 2 million people each year travel each year to Mecca to celebrate idaladha.

Holy Cities Places

The profit Mohammed once traveled to the city of Yathrib and is now known as the holy city of Medina. mecca is also a holy city of worship as well as the great mosque which holds the kaaba. The Kaaba holds the black stone Islams most holy object.
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What is common to all Three Religions

All 3 religions believe and accept similarity biblical people such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Between all 3 religions as well the worship of God is a essential part of their beliefs and that there is only One God.