Resource Room Newsletter

A Weekly Update From Miss Harvey

Hello Parents!

The school year has had a great start! It is hard to believe that 1st quarter midterm reports will already go home at the end of next week! I have had a great beginning of the year with all of your children, and I know that the year is only going to get better! These weekly to bi-weekly newsletters are something new I am trying to communicate upcoming tests/quizzes, school news, or any tips! Please feel free to email me any personal questions or concerns to my email address below! Thank you!

Candice Harvey

Intermediate Resource Teacher

Ward Grundy Elementary School

A Few Things!!!!

Study Habits! Start 'em while they're young! :)

Here are my top 3 studying tips, which are supported through an article I have read (Time Magazine, Jan. 2013)

1) Make flashcards with your child if I have not provided them from the Resource Room.

2) Use distributive practice, rather than cramming the night before the test. Studying flashcards with your child 5-10 minutes each night for 2 weeks prior to the test will help your child develop confidence that he or she knows the material.

3) Use a strategy called "Folding In" with the flashcards... Here's what you do... If you have a stack of 30 flashcards for the test, start with helping your child master 3 of the cards than fold-in a 4th card until mastery... then a 5th until mastery.... a 6th .... and so on! Before you know it, your son or daughter will know the whole set of flashcards!

News For Each Grade!

4th Grade News!

The first region that the 4th graders will be tested on is the Southwest. Mr. Wheat and Ms. Dennis have not announced a test date yet; however, I would imagine that the test will be in about 2-3 weeks. I am sending home flashcards with your child this week. Please take about 5-10 minutes each night to study with your son or daughter. In 4th grade, all students are still learning study skills and need that parent help. See my tips above to help your child study proactively!

5th Grade News!

Mrs. Weyland's Chapter 6 Test in social studies will be on Wednesday, September 18th. You will see a study guide going home this week as well.

Miss Candice Harvey

Intermediate Resource Teacher

Grundy Elementary School

Morton, Illinois 61550