The Beauty of Rainforests

By Jamie Grove

The Importance Of A Rainforest

Rain forests are very important to the survival of human, animal and plant kind. Over 50% of the worlds animal and plants species live in the rain forests around the globe. This is amazing because only 7% of the worlds surface is rainforest. Another amazing thing that rain forests provide is 40% of the worlds oxygen! So if all the rain forests in the world were cut down for farming, wood or housing then we would lose 40% of our oxygen. Thats a lot!!!!!

Rainforest underthreat

Rain forests are under threat! They are under threat because humans are cutting them down for farming land, housing land and for wood. Cutting down these rain forest leave animals homeless. Another illegal activity that happens in rain forests is the pouching of animals or taking animals from their home in the rainforest and sold on the black market. How would you feel if you were taken from your home then sold off. I know i wouldn't be happy!

SUMATRAN TIGER - Vanishing Species...

So help save the rainforest!!!

Save help the rainforest for future generations. We need to preserve these beautiful forest so we can continue to have rainforest plants and animals and make sure we dont loose them. So please help by buying wood from wood plantation sites, buying items that have palm oil in them, and donate to saving the rainforest organisations. If you do some of these and more than Mother Nature will thank you!!