The Rumble

Greasers .VS. Socs: The Rumble!

The Rumble: A Fight Between Rivals

This certain rumble is an important one. The Socs are fighting for Bob, and the Greasers are fighting for Johnny. It's a fair fight, fists only, which isn't normal. Dally is out of the hospital just to get to this rumble so he can fight for Johnny and Ponyboy is sick, but he's fighting for Johnny, too. There are several fights going on during this rumble. There is one on one, one on two, and several more. There is people throwing people on the ground, people already on the ground, and there is even people on each others' backs. The rumble rages on, with the Greasers winning. The rumble takes place at the lot, where every other rumble takes place. The Greasers win, just for Johnny. They had to beat the Socs for him, it was a silent agreement before the rumble that they were doing it for Johnny. People who wanted the fighting to stop, they fought, too. They were confident and they ended up on top.