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Ms. Higgins' Classroom Newsletter

Message from Ms. Higgins

Hope everyone had a fantastic Winter Break!

Next Friday, January 15 is Hopewell Elementary's Service Day of Learning. Kindergarten will be completing a Service Project for the East Trenton Center. We are asking Kindergarten Families to donate gently used books to give to the boys and girls at the East Trenton Center. I will be posting a sign up sheet on Shutterfly for items that we need.

Classroom Supplies!

We still are in great need of a supplies! Please consider donating one or more of the following items:

•Napkins (we use them everyday for snack!)

•Band Aids

•Hand Sanitizer

•Clorox Wipes

•Baby Wipes/ Wetones Wipes (safe for kids hands!)


•Ziploc baggies (sandwich and gallon)

•Spoons and Forks

•Bathroom Cups

COMING SOON! THE 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL! Information is forthcoming...

Have a great weekend! Hope everyone is surviving the cold!

Classroom Twitter

Click the link to be directed to our class Twitter account! Don't have an account? Sign Up! Search for Ms. Higgins or @Mshiggskinder


Monday: Gym (Wear Sneakers!)

Tuesday: Library (Don't forget books!)

Wednesday: Social Skills/Spanish

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art

This Week In Kindergarten...

Morning Meeting!

We start each day with Morning Meeting! Morning Meeting consists of:

  1. Morning Greeting: Hello Neighbor!
  2. Morning Message
  3. Calendar
  4. Morning Movement: I Get Loose
Koo Koo Kanga Roo - I get Loose

Writers' Workshop-Personal Narratives

We have finished our Unit on Personal Narratives! Join me in Congratulating our Kindergarten Students!

We will begin Book Reviews to learn how to state and support opinions. Currently we are reading favorite classroom books and discussing them using the following sentences:

1. This story made me feel ________.

2. I felt _______ because____________.

Try incorporating these sentences when discussing books at home!

Readers' Workshop

We have started Shared Reading. Together as a class, we read through a story and learn different reading strategies to help read unfamiliar words. This is to prepare us for our next unit Just Right Books. Students will learn to identify books that are comfortable for them to read independently using reading strategies.


We finished going through the letters in the Alphabet! Join me in congratulating our Kindergarten Students :)

This week we reviewed previous skills taught in FUNdations. Next week we will begin our second unit. This unit focuses on CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.

FUNdations A - Z Letter Practice


  • Learned Songs to help us write the numbers using Correct Formation!
  • 0- Curve Around All the Way to Make the Numeral 0
  • 1-Come Right Down and that is All to Make the Numeral 1
  • 2-Curve Around and Slide to the Right to Make the Numeral 2
  • 3-Curve In and Around Again to Make the Numeral 3
  • 4-Down Slide and Cut it in Two to Make the Numeral 2
  • 5-Across and Down, Then Around to Make the Numeral 5
  • 6-Come Right Down and Give it a Curl to Make the Numeral 6
  • 7-Slide to the Right, Slant Right Down to Make the Numeral 7
  • 8-Make an S and Close the Gate to Make the Numeral 8
  • 9-Circle Around, Come Right Down to Make the Numeral 9
  • 10-Come Right Down then Make a 0 to Make the Numeral 10

Mystery Reader!

Mystery Reader Sign Ups are now on Shutterfly! Please sign up through the website. If the dates/times do not work for you, please e-mail for me additional slots.

Older Siblings are welcomed! Please make sure you/they check with their homeroom teacher first!

Mystery Reader

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