Flight Services to Bangkok

Explore True Colours of Thai Festivals

Flight Services to Bangkok - Explore True Colours of Thai Festivals

Being more than capital to Thailand, Bangkok has acquired an impressive reputation as an admired tourist destination in Asia. Highly regarded by tourists for its great hospitality and youthful nightlife, it catches the fancy of numerous tourists who bank on the Flight services to Bangkok to reach this fabulous destination.

Besides much talked about night life, the city remains full of activities, as it plays a proud host to a number of festivals that takes places round the year. Some of the major festivals celebrated here are as follows:

Chinese New Year Festival: Celebrated in months of January/February in the Chinese district of Yaowarat, the festival is marked by vibrant lion and dragon processions.
Songkran Festival: Those heading for Bangkok in Mid April may catch up with Songkran Festival when there is an air of merriment throughout the city.
Royal Ploughing Ceremony: Celebrate in the month of May, it is popular with farmers as it is an occasion to forecast whether coming crop season will be good or not.
Loi Krathong: Usually celebrated in the months of November, it is a festival of lights that is celebrated in the evening of full moon.
Trooping of the Colours: The festival is celebrated in the months of December and presided over by the king and queen.
HM The King's Birthday Celebrations: Celebrated on December 5 every year, on this day huge number of people line up the street to catch a glimpse of the kings who arrives on a chauffeur-driven vehicle.

Among other things, Bangkok is largest city in the country in terms of population. High rise building, neon lit shopping malls and plethora of dining options further adds to its glory. While on their trip to the city the visitors might complain of chaos and congestion on the roads but the rewards that city offers compensates its pitfalls. To facilitate the tourist arrival here, there are a number of flights on London-Bangkok route.

Although the city is divided into several districts and sub districts for administrative reasons but it is hardly of any significance for tourists, except locating the places.

So fly into Bangkok during festive season and explore the Thai festivals in its original hues.