By Paris Goodsell

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Why should we recycle?

we should recycle so we can save the earth. Like the picture says lets save the earth not wast it. if we wast the earth this place wont be safe to live in. and it is starting not to be safe. and if we start to recycle we can change that. we can recycle stuff like batteries, water bottles, scraps of paper, and cans. and that is only a few of the things you can recycle. so people lets stop the greenhouse affect.

Things you can do to help.

there are many things you can do to help out with this problem. a way you can help is by taking your garbage bin and put a sign on it that says recycle and then every time you have something to recycle you can put it in there and get all of your friends about it. and if you do that you are making a difference.

What I will do to help

I will help recycle by getting my friends in on it and every chance I get to recycle I will do it