Washington DC Trip

By: Aidan Kane 2016


In this I will show you my entire Washington DC trip as we go through this I will say some things about each thing. The first is the Lincoln Memorial the purpose of the Lincoln Memorial was to stand for the freedom of African Americans Lincoln's death and what he did as President for our country. The next thing is the Jefferson Memorial it stands for how he was one of the main founding fathers and he was the drafter and writer of the Declaration of Independence it also stands for his death. The next thing was the Vietnam war Memorial it was also know as the forgotten war this is where we remember the ones we lost in the war and to come and respect them. The design of the memorial was a bunch of men walking through a forest in Vietnam. The next memorial is the Korean war memorial this is to stand for those who lost there lives in Korea and its design is a wall that has a bunch of names of the people who died in the war and those who served the U.S. during that time period. The next memorial is the Washington memorial this stands for Washington and what he did for our country and the flags that surround it stand for the 50 states in the U.S.. The next place we went to was the Capitol the Capitol is one of the best places to visit in Washington D.C. it hold many paintings of how the country was formed and created it also as two statues from each state which are supposed to represent each state the Capitol also has a coffin meant for George Washington but the people said the wanted him to stay in his home state in peace so now its just a empty coffin under the Capitol above the coffin on the floor is a star which is supposed to mark where the coffin is. It is also home to the congress and the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government. Two of the Smithsonian we went to are the Air and Space and the American History. In the Air and Space museum we saw how America and other country's around the world changed in planes and in rockets. In the American History museum we saw the change of history with railroads, buildings, and many other things. We also went to the Arlington cemetery which had the body's of many men and women that fought for our country it had things like the tomb of the unknown soldier, the gravesite of Audie Murphy, the Kennedy gravesite, it also had the Challenger Memorial. Another place we went to was the White house the purpose of the white house is to stand for the president and all of those before him. The last place we went to was the the national zoo in there was pandas which are the only other pandas besides California that have pandas there was also cheetahs, elephants, zebras, and many other animals. During this trip we went to rest areas and to a hotel which we stayed in for the duration of the trip the hotels were nice and had a decent view we also traveled in a bus for the trip which was a fun way to get around and we all thanked Greg our bus driver for driving us around Washington D.C.. What we also did was go on a cruise which was fun cause u could go to the top and look at all the monuments the dinner was fine and they also played music for everybody so that was also a nice feature. Over all the trip was great and was fun to go around Washington with your group of friends and i think if you go to Washington D.C. you also will have a great experience.