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anthony rodriguez ~ 1/13/15 ~ 6th

binder check

we do binder checks every week or two they are to check if we are organized and we have the right papers in the dividers that there supposed to be in not only that there supposed be in order by date you can have it from oldest to newest.

my binder / organization

avid has has changed my binder Dramaticly before avid my binder was a complete mess. avid helped me organize my binder now I can find all my papers faster . I can check what I have on my agenda like homework so I don't forget . my binder has never been this organized.


We have Toutorials two days a week those days are Tuesday and Thursday. they help us this questions or topics we don't understand. college students come to our school and they keep an eye on us while were doing our toutorials . there just there to tell us to be quiet when were to loud . were suposed to do everything by our selves. they help us when we dont understand.

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weekly learning log

a weekly learning log is a home work we have to do every week and we have to turn it in in Friday . we have to write what we do every week in our classes from avid to our core subjects classes and we have to write 5 sentences for our core subject and 5 for avid.

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public speaking

my public speaking has improved since last year.last year i was nourves about talking out loud to strangers. now avid has tought he what i should do and what i shouldnt do , for example i cant smak my gum or play with my clothes, hair ect. things i should do, i have to make eye contact, i have to talk at the correct volume.

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comunity service

we do comunity service for FREE .it feels good to make a good change in people in need. the first time we did comunity sevice was during thanks giving break we took mission arligton turkey , mashed potatos and green beans. i hope we get to do this again.