Selina Pang

Teacher Appraisal 2013

Myself as a learner

My personal philosophy

Achievements for 2012 & 2013

  • Wakakirri Finalists for 2013 – Best Team Work Award & Most Sustainable Production Award
  • Having student voice as much as possible, such as; class meeting, teacher evaluations, math summaries, student driven provocations, student led lessons
  • Pen Pal writing to Wallarano Primary School 2012 & 2013
  • Lorax production 2012
  • Making links with the wider community, for example; Read Like a Demon Program 2012 and Health & Wellbeing Project 2012

Risks and challenges I have taken this year

  • Taking on Wakakirri in 2013 - As a team in Grade 4, we ran a whole production. This way a big task because we are all graduate teachers and this was the first time we had done a production together.
  • WPPS Designers design and making elective group - Students surveyed their peers in grade 4 and designed items to place into specific areas in the Grade 4 unit.
  • Looney Scientists elective group - Students choose a science topic they are interested in and passionate about and they are currently running science lessons this term.
  • Grade 4 Teacher surveys
  • Planning BYOD
  • Patrick Griffin

Looney Scientists

How I have extended my ICT skills

  • Blogging as often as possible on the Year 4 blog, to update the community about the daily ongoings in Grade 4. For example, it is used a method to share documentation with families about LA, workshops and target teaching
  • Evernote to take anecdotal notes in during lessons and to document student understandings
  • Smore for documentation such as Wakakirri and Time workshop
  • Apps are being embedded into all curriculum areas to enhance student engagement. Apps which have been used in Grade 4 unit are Tellegami and Pandora

Plans for the future

  • Teach in the 5/6 unit or Junior school to broaden my skills and experiences as a teacher
  • Be better organised and attend more PD in 2014
  • Doing a teacher exchange program either interstate or internationally (in 2 - 3 years time)

Areas of improvement

  • Gaining more experience and knowledge about EAL and Koorie learners. How? Through PDs and professional readings
  • Using the following school documents more effectively in my teaching and planning; School’s raison d’être, curriculum profiles and understandings and project proformas. How? By looking at the documents more regularly during team planning meetings
  • Utilising the learning spaces in other units
  • Getting better at conferencing with students regularly

Myself as a teacher

How I cater for students with special learning needs (Gifted; Koorie; Disabled; Learning disability; EAL)

  • I modify the curriculum
  • ILPs
  • Authentic learning activities

Teaching approaches I have used

  • Authentic tasks
  • Cognitive apprenticeship
  • Collaboration – social constructivism
  • Incorporating different learning styles and incorporating hands on, visual, auditory, and bodily kinaesthetic experiences into my lessons
  • Open ended tasks
  • Student ownership of learning

Student ownership

Collaboration, i.e. social constructivism

How I use the Stimulating Learning Platforms available in the school

There are no SLPs in the Year 4 unit however both last year and this year we have transformed spaces into a Lorax Reading space, a Mathematics Restaurant and a student created reading tree.

How I develop children’s...

Creativity – Osho and Arielle’s mural, WPPS Designers, learning journey documents, Wakakirri, Lorax Production, Waka reflections, mandalas, art space in LA

Entrepreneurial skills – 2012 projects Junior Sports Day book/event, Keera’s quote cards, Fresh Fruit Stall, Prezi presentation at schools

Interests and passions – Class meeting, Wakakirri, provocations designed by students, Japanese Whaling

Leadership roles being undertaken

  • Wakakirri 2013 – costumes & liaising with parent helpers
  • Lorax Production 2012 – costumes
  • Camp Wooranna 2012

How I contribute to the school beyond the classroom?

  • School fundraisers, i.e. Woolies BBQs
  • School events; Neon Disco, Winter Wonderland Disco
  • After School Wakakirri practises
  • Out of hours PDs
  • Wakakirri heats and finals
  • Camp
  • Read Like a Demon program
  • Volunteering time for upcoming fundraiser BBQ for outdoor playground to do face painting