Grant Mitchum

8th Grade 2nd Period Art

What We Learned in Art:

During the first six weeks of art we learned about, line, shape, form, and value. The two main type of lines, contour and expressive. While we were learning shape we talked about geometric shapes, which are shapes that we know of like circles, squares, and triangles. We also learned about Organic shapes, which are shapes that aren't actually shapes. Henry Matisse and Peter Reginato where the guys that we looked up to while doing the projects. Almost two weeks ago we finished the Dia de los Muertos day of the dead project. While drawing the skulls, we used types of line, and used shade to make it form and almost come to life expressing their culture. The 7th graders and us, the 8th graders, worked together on drawing an alligator using a grid to put up in Mr. Keiser, principal for Three Lakes Middle School.

Art Work done over past Two Six Weeks:

Learn How To Draw and Color A Sugar Skull -- Part 1 -- iCanHazDraw!
Elements of Art - Line