Seventh Grade World Studies

with Mrs. Harper

A Long Walk to Water

While we studied the history of Africa, the students read the book, A Long Walk to Water; a story about two Africans from rival tribes. They showed empathy towards the difficulties faced by Africans today as they read the story of Salva and Nya. Salva, one of the "Lost Boys of the Sudan", eventually came to America, graduated from college and raised money to bring water pumps to African villages. He and Nya meet when he, a member of the Dinka tribe, supervises the construction of a water pump and a school for Nya, a member of the rival Nuer tribe.

The students wrote a blog responding to a quote from Nelson Mandela about how to help solve Africa's problems. Their writing was organized and insightful as they expressed the opinions they developed while reading this book.

Next Unit: The Middle Ages

Below is a list of the concepts we will be learning about in class.

  • Feudalism
  • Vikings
  • Knights
  • Castles and Siege Weapons
  • Crusades
  • Magna Carta
  • Black Death