VCR Lesson 8 VCR Presentation

By Katherine Perry

Fill in the Blank with the Most Appropriate Word from Lesson 8

When a child gets sick, their parents ___________ any other obligations they previously had to care for their child.

The Word

preempt: to take precedence over someone or something already arranged or in place; to seize priority

transitive verb


  1. assume
  2. seize
  3. take
  4. usurp


  1. forfeit
  2. reject
  3. keep

Preempt's Roots

emo, emere, emi, emptum (L): "to buy"

pre (L): "before"

The Office - Creed is a murder suspect

Choose the Letter of the Sentence in which the Bolded Word is used incorrectly.

A. Even though she wanted to go tour the college, Anna preempted the visit to stay at school and take a test she had known about for two weeks.

B. When Dylan had two events happening on the same day he had to preempt the second event and go to the first event he had promised to go to.

C. Erin was mad that her best friend preempted plans they had already made to go hang out with her boyfriend instead.

D. It is never fun when students have to preempt their homework instead of keeping predetermined plans with their friends.

Correct Answer

The correct answer is B.

If Dylan was preempting any event he would be taking priority for the second event rather than the first event.