A Little About Toni

By: Antonia Winney

Dear classmates,

My name is Antonia Eriana Winney. I am currently working at the Belton Cinema part time. its probably the one thing I actuay look forward to at the end of the day. woring at the theatre is nice, it has many perks like seeing free movies. and getting to take home any movie props or posters.

for my hobbies I like to go fishing, or just pitch up a tent in the woods somewhere. I enjoy water sports of just about any kind. I mostly spent my summer fishing, working, and fixing up my beat up old van that I named Jake. I named my van Jake after the song " Feed Jake " because I love my horrible van, and he's not the best on gas due to the cadalidic converters that have broken seals on them. Yeah he's not the safest. but he's a work in progress.

As for my family I have a sister named Dawnyel who is 17 years older than me. My mom's name is Teresa, and my dad is Kevin. I haven't talked to them much since I moved out this summer, so thats about all I have left to say about them.

The very last thing i'll bore you with is I want to study to be a radiologist after highschool. I just think it would be a really cool job to have


Toni Winney