Life in 3rd Grade

Mrs. George's 3rd grade class

What a Wonderful April!

Wrapping up February


I will be sending monthly Smore updates to you from this point on. I will continue to send out weekly Newsletters, but this will serve as a monthly wrap up that I will send out at the end of every month.

Important Reminders:

  • Homework: By this point in the year, the students should have the routine down for homework. They now know how to log in and access materials on Google Classroom and IStation. I have tailored each student's Istation homework to reflect their weakest area in Reading. They will now access assignments first on Istaiton weeks then may continue with any remaining time in the Reading with ISIP program. I am hoping that we can bring up our low areas with a little more practice. Please ask your child which area is their goal and which one was their strength. We discussed these areas and I am so proud of them for being in charge of their progress.
  • Data Binders: Please continue checking and signing your child's data binder as it comes home.
  • Speeding to Read: This turn will be ending soon. We really want to jump up in our rankings and know that our 3rd graders can not only meet their goal, but go WAY over it! Please remember to write down every book your child reads.

Upcoming Events:

March 2: Read Across America Day and Dr. Seuss's Birthday celebration....your child may dress in Dr. Seuss attire! Please have them bring any Dr. Seuss books and a blanket to do some outdoor reading on!!

March 7-11: Book Fair! We will be shopping on Tuesday.

March 8: Spring pictures and class pictures

March 9: In-n-Out night at the Book Fair

March 14-18: Spring Break! Enjoy your week off!

March 25: Possible School Holiday if we don't have a bad weather day.

As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to talk to you! Thank you for your help at home.

February 1-5

Important Reminders:

  • Daddy Daughter Dance is this Friday! It will be a great time and the decorations look fantastic! Be sure to grab your daughter and join the fun! Tickets are for sale through the PTA website (listed below if you still need it)

  • Excite will be in the gym during PE this week. Please be sure your child has tennis shoes on and comfortable clothing.

  • Istation February test results will be sent home in data binders this week. Please ask your child to show you their scores and to explain their areas of focus these next few weeks.

  • Valentine class parties will be Feb. 12th at 1:50. You are welcome to come! An email will be sent to you from our class moms with more details.

  • The End of 4th 6 Weeks is quickly approaching. We will be taking assessments and reteaching, so please make every effort to have your child here each day if they can be.

January 25-29

Important Reminders:

  • Speeding to Read: This half turn ends Thursday. Please be sure your child writes down EVERY book they have read in order for us to not only meet our goal of 4, but to go way over and push us up in the lead! Remember that any book counts, comic book, recipes, Istation books, anything!

  • Data Binders: Don;t forget to sign your child's data binder and check for updated learning targets and assessments. Since we are halfway through with this 6 weeks, you will be seeing more items added.

January 19-22

What a wonderful long weekend we had! I was able to enjoy some time with the boys in the nice weather and get caught up on some school work! I hope each of you had a great day off yesterday as we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he accomplished for us.

Important Reminders:

  1. Speeding to Read: We will end turn 2.5 Jan. 28th. Please encourage your child to read and not only meet their goal of 4 points, but to go past that! We have been struggling to keep up with the rest of the school and I know if we just log every book we will be up with the rest of the pack!
  2. Wolves of Compassion: Some of your children may have begun talking about Wolves of Compassion. This is a group at Rayzor that will be working within our community to serve. The first project is for the Food Pantry and they are asking for items to be donated. Please see the newsletter for more information!

January 11-15

I wanted to start by saying THANK YOU to our wonderful room moms who planned the party and who took time to lead for our kiddos. It was wonderful! They are still talking about it!! I also want to thank each of you for the kind presents. I have been browsing Amazon for the perfect item and have gotten to spoil myself with the pedicure. I also appreciate the many cards, candies, mugs and glasses, and gift cards. The amazing loved feeling I have for my first year at Rayzor is one that I will never forget. Thank you. I appreciate each of you and hope that your child knows the special place they have in my heart.

Important Details:

  1. Report cards were sent home last Wednesday. If you have not signed the envelope and returned it please do so as soon as possible. If you had questions about your child's grades or progress please email Mr. Malinowsky or myself. We are happy to talk to you.
  2. Red Reading Folders have been going home for some time now, but I am changing up the way your child selects new guided leveled books. When they return a book they need to show me a summary of the book and their Speeding to Read log so that I can double check that it has been added. When your child finishes a book from their RED folder bag please have them bring the entire bag back to school. I will also be sending some specific skills for your child to work on at home in this red folder. Please note that this is for their at home reading, for the Google classroom weeks or any other nightly reading they may do.
  3. Jackets need to be brought to school for recess. It is chilly some days and I see many kiddos without a jacket or even shorts on. Please be sure your child has a jacket for the colder recess days.

January 5-8, 2016

Welcome back! I had such a great break! I was able to read some, relax, and spend time with my family. We had a wonderful holiday and it may have been a little hard to get up this morning! I hope all of you had a great holiday and were able to recharge as we finish the second half of the year!

Important Reminders:

  • Data Binders: Please sign the data binder each time it comes home. We will be adding several things this week.
  • 4th 6 Weeks begins today! We will finish this 6 weeks on Feb. 19th.
  • No School Jan. 18th

December 14-18


Due to an unanimous response I will now be sending the weekly Smore with the newsletter on Mondays. Thank you those of you that took the time to fill out the survey. As the first half of the school year closes I want to thank you for your continued help and support. You are a huge part of your child's success at school and it shows! I have enjoyed the first half of the year and have learned so much about each of my students. I hope all of you have a wonderful relazing break and are able to just slow down a little. I know it can get crazy with so many activities going on, but try to take some time to just sit and maybe read a book! :)

Thank you so much!

Courtney George and Kyle Malinowsky

Important Reminders:

  • Christmas Party: Will be Friday at 1:45, you are welcome to join! We will be having a Grinchmas celebration and will have some awesome activities thanks to our room moms. THANK YOU room moms for all of your hard work!!
  • Speeding to Read: ALL logs are due Tuesday for the end of turn 2. We moved up in our school ranking and hope we can continue to pass some other classes! Don't forget that every book counts, even IStation and picture books.
  • Mrs. George's Class Challenge: I will be delivering the items we have collected to the various locations on Monday December 21st. If you would like to join me please send me an email at so that I can coordinate a good time to meet. (Mr. M's class did not do the challenge, just my class) Don't forget to bring in some coins or canned food! The videos are below in case you want to watch them again! I did because they were so cute!
  • Winter Break: Enjoy the long time off! I will see all of your kiddos on Tuesday January 5th!

December 7-11

Important Reminders:

  • December 11: Field trip to see "The Nutcracker" We will not need parent volunteers for this field trip. We will leave school at 11:30 and return around 2:00. We will eat a picnic style lunch in our room prior to leaving. Please have your child dress nice since this is a special event.

  • December 18: Class Holiday parties beginning at 1:45. You are welcome to come celebrate with us! Please watch your email for a letter from our room moms for more specifics.

  • Class Challenge: Don;t forget to send in items needed for our class challenges. We are good on buckets and such to hold the donations, however we are now in need of canned food, coins, and homemade cards. If you can spare any of these that would be wonderful! Here are the links for the videos again:

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the nice weather!

November 30- December 4

Important Reminders:

  • No School: Enjoy your WEEK off! I hope you enjoy some quality time with family and relax. I plan on spending the holiday in Lantana reading and just being a mom!

  • Local Activities: If you are looking for some fun activities to do around town over the break check out this online newsletter: They list local events including library lessons and even coupons to events!

  • Speeding To Read: We had 100% meet their goal! Thank you for turning in logs and for encouraging your child to read. I have given out new logs and hope your child gets a jump on the next turn over the Thanksgiving break.

  • December Dates: With the end of the year close we have many important dates coming up: December 11 3rd Grade field trip to watch the Nutcracker, December 18th Class holiday parties and end of 3rd 6 weeks, December 21-January 4th Christmas Break

  • Class Needs: If you have any small toys or prizes we would love them for the class treasure box. Every Friday students put all of the tickets they have earned for the week into a drawing and seven tickets are drawn for prizes. If you have any extra we would love to re-stock the treasure boxes! Mr. M would also love Expo markers. In Math, they use them almost everyday to solve problems and have begun to run out. Any extra you could spare would be greatly appreciated!!

This month we have been talking about things we are thankful for in class. I am extremely thankful to be at such an awesome campus with amazing students and families. I enjoy each of your children! I love to hear their stories and to see their welcoming smiles each day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and I will see all of you on Nov. 30th!

Courtney George and Kyle Malinowsky

November 16-20

Weekly Updates!

  • Report Cards: They were sent home Wednesday. Please return the envelope signed along with the IStation letter that was included inside the envelope. The report card itself is yours to keep.
  • Speeding to Read: Our next turn 1.5 ends Thursday. Please bring in logs by this day. We have a goal of 4 chapter books or 16 picture books. Hopefully we will be 100% again!
  • Jackets: With the weather turning colder, please be sure your child has a jacket of some sort. It is beginning to get colder at recess and we don't want anyone getting sick.

November 9-13

Weekly Updates!

  • Calling All Veterans: Are you a Veteran or know a Veteran? We would love to have all Veterans come up to Rayzor on Wednesday to honor them. Please email Mrs. George so that I can get in touch with you to provide more details. Thank you for your service!
  • Report Cards: Report cards will be coming home Wednesday. Please sign the envelop and send back the next day.
  • Living History Museum: The museum went FABULOUS! Thank you for coming and learning more about these inventors and scientist. I have included some pictures below to share with the parents who were unable to come.
  • Speeding to Read: Turn 1.5 ends next week. Please be sure your child is writing down every book they read. Our goal is 4 points (4 chapter books or 16 picture books).
  • Mother/Son Night: Don't forget to buy your tickets to the mother son event next Friday the 13th beginning at 6:00.

November 2-6

Important Reminders:

  • End of 2nd 6 Weeks: The end of the 2nd 6 weeks is Friday. Report cards will be going home the following week.
  • Speeding to Read: The 1.5 turn has begun and will end Nov. 19th. Our goal is 4 chapter books or the equivalent in picture books.
  • Living History Museum: We are so excited to share our projects with you all! The Living History Museum will be November 5th in the library from 12:45-1:30. There will be more details in your child's Friday folder. We hope to see you there!
  • Homework: Our intent in 3rd grade is to have week long homework so that your child does not have to turn in a paper each day. This will enable them to balance their time if they have an event one night. Please do not have your child complete all computer and class work in one night. This will burn them out quickly and we want them to be excited about their learning. We have noticed that this is becoming a problem. Many students are waiting until Thursday night to do all of their work and then it is sloppy, or incomplete. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns about homework and help to distribute the time a little each day.
  • Data Binders: These will go home when something new is added. Please be sure you are signing it so that we can communicate your child's progress in class.
  • Reading at Home: Did you know that simply reading at home with your child can improve their fluency and reading skills? Have you thought about starting a family book club? Asking questions about their reading is a great way to boost your child's comprehension level and to help them to succeed. If you start a family book club, let us know! We would love to showcase you in an upcoming Smore!
  • News?: Do you have news to share? Would you like to have your picture included in the weekly Smore? Send Mrs. George a picture and caption by Wednesday if you would like to be included in the weekly Smore!

October 26-30

Important Reminders:

  • Coins for Cops: This fundraiser will continue another week. Please bring in any spare change for the remainder of the week.

  • Progress Reports: Reports went home with your child if we see they are struggling. Please sign and return Monday. If you did not get one, your child is on level at this point.

  • Homework: We had a MUCH better week with homework! Thank you for working with your child to get their weekly assignments completed. This upcoming week your child will have 80 minutes of IStation and Math problem solving. By this point in the year, your child should know their log in information and have it memorized. Please practice this at home so that they know exactly how to get to their work.

  • Social Studies Projects: They are looking fabulous! I checked all projects Friday and made some suggestions to the students. They all have a presentation app of some kind (Google slides, Prezi, Adobe Voice) and have been working hard finding facts on their inventor and the invention. Friday the 30th all slides should be finished except for the bibliography. We will work on this in class, but please look over your child's project at home. I have urged them to add more details so that they can explain their person during our living history museum. Thank you!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the rain and cooler temps!

October 19-23

Important Reminders:

  • Speeding to Read is due THURSDAY! Please be sure your child has read at least 6 chapter books by this date. Remember that every 4 picture books count as a chapter book. EVERY book they read counts! IStation, Tumblebooks, leveled books in their red bag, comic books, anything! We must report the books to Mrs. Leonard on Thursday, please be sure your child has their log on this day. Mrs. George will begin collecting them Monday when they are finished and giving a new log.
  • Good Character Week: Please see the flyer sent home in Friday folders for more information regarding our Good Character Week. There are some fun dress up days to show we have great character and make the right choices!
  • Coins for Cops: If you have any extra coins we will be collecting them next week to donate to the police in our area who are in need due to illness and such. We hope to fill our can in our hallway. Please help if you can.
  • Headphones: Thank you for bringing in headphones. This will help our students find their own supplies quickly and to use in Reading stations. If you haven't brought some in, please do so as soon as possible. They can be an extra set from an iPhone, some old ones from the car, whatever you have will work.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy UNITE tonight!

Mrs. George and Mr. Malinowsky

October 5-9

Important Information:

  • Headphones: During our listening to reading stations we use headphones a lot. We only have 5 pairs as a class and often times need more. I am asking that each child bring their own headphones to use in class. I will keep them organized and available to students and will hold on to them until the end of the year.
  • Data Binders: Please be sure that you are looking for new information added to the data binders. This is our way of communicating with you your child's progress in class. You should sign the table of contents page any time new material is added.
  • Speeding to Read: The deadline for our first turn will be here before we know it! The goal for 3rd grade is 6 chapter books by the end of October. Be sure to write any books your child reads as well as the pages for chapter books! I know we can have 100% meet their goal!

U-NITE - It’s U-Nite time! This is the fall event that brings together the three Lantana elementary schools to raise funds and enjoy a night out with their families.

· October 16th 5:30 FOOD OPENS, 6-9pm games & activities

· Harpool Middle School Track & Field (9601 Stacee Lane)

· Tickets & Wristbands went on sale starting last week. You may purchase them and more information is available on the site. *Special note: 100% of the funds taken in prior to Oct. 14 stay at EP Rayzor. Any funds taken in during the event will be split evenly among the three elementary schools. Buy EARLY to support EP in the fullest!

· Donations are requested for regular sized candy bars, lunch sized snacks, canned soda, and bottled water. For more information on specifics visit on the front page or

· Volunteers are needed – to sign up visit

Thank you for meeting with us this week. It was a pleasure meeting with you and bragging on your wonderful kiddos! We truly enjoy each day with them and know great things will happen this year. Enjoy your holiday Monday and we will see you Tuesday!

Wrapping Up the 1st 6 Weeks!

Wow! How are we already finished with our first 6 weeks? It feels like yesterday that I was meeting all of you at Meet the Teacher night. It has been a pleasure getting to know each of your kiddos and share in their learning.

Important Updates:

  • Parent Conferences: Please sign up if you have not already done so for our conference next week. We will be discussing your child's report card as well as any concerns we may have. Please try to be on time or even a few minutes early because many days we are booked every 20 minutes and I know how valuable your time is during the work day. If you need to look at the sign up it can be found here:

  • Early Dismissal/ No School: The week of Oct. 5-9 your child will be released at 12:50. We will have lunch prior to dismissal and will have a short specials those days. Please be sure to make arrangements for your child to be picked up. Monday Oct. 12 staff have a training and students have no school. Enjoy your day off!

  • Homework: We have been having some problems with students completing homework. Please contact me prior to the Friday homework is due if you are having difficulties with any take home work. The weekly newsletter is the best place to find the latest information and be up to date on homework. It can be found here:

  • Speeding to Read: Please make sure your child is completing their Speeding to Read log. They are due at the end of the month and our goal is to have 100% participation.

Important Updates!

Thank you for another great week! Please see below for important updates.

  • Speeding to Read Field Trip! We will be leaving school Tuesday Sept. 29th for a Speeding to Read Field Trip. We will leave around 9:30 to go to Texas Motor Speedway. We will have snack prior to leaving, but please send a packed lunch for your child this day because the cafeteria will be closed. Your child is welcome to bring a hat, sunscreen, and a bottle of water in a small bag to take with us. I have shirts that I will hand out the morning of the field trip, but your child may want to wear some comfy shorts since we will be outside for a while on the field trip.
  • Cold/Flu Season: Please try to keep sick kiddos home so that we are not spreading germs and colds back and forth at school. If your child has fever they must stay home until fever free for 24 hours. We are trying our best to stay on top of these colds and such, but need your help at home.
  • Homework: I know it is frustrating right now trying to learn the procedures of 3rd grade homework, but it will get better once we are in a routine. Please stick with the homework programs as we have seen the positive results of using things like IStation and Think Through Math to help boost student achievement. THANK YOU for supporting us and helping to complete the homework on time.
  • Data Binders: These will be brought home once new material is placed inside. Please be sure to sign these and ask your child to explain what each of the pages mean. They have a great understanding of their learning and where they are!
    I am very proud of them for being responsible for their own learning.
  • Parent Conferences: Please sign up if you haven't already done so. Parent conferences will be the week of Oct. 5-9. We will have early release that day. Please make arrangements for your child on these days. The link is here:

Week 4 Complete!

I feel like this year is FLYING by! We are already more than half way finished with our first 6 weeks. Your children amaze me daily at their level of compassion and understanding. We have witnessed several occasions where students are helping students, we are being great friends, and we have concerns for the world around us! What wonderful children you have raised!! Please see below for important information and be on the lookout for the weekly newsletter Monday.

Thank you! Courtney George

Important Information:

  • For Reading homework this week we will be using Google classrooms. You should have gotten an email about it Friday. In the email instructions I forgot to add that their username is the student id number followed by Please be sure to add that as their email in order to access Reading homework this week.
  • Don't forget to sign up for October parent conferences. The sign up can be found here:
  • Data binders will be coming home when new information is added. Be sure to ask your student if they have brought home their binders to show you the new information. (They should have gone home Thursday or Friday depending on when your child took their S.S. test) :)
  • The yellow take home folders should come home everyday. This is a great place to place notes that need to come to school as well as our calendar and Speeding to Read logs. The Friday folders will come home only on Fridays with all of the notes and things from school. Please return these the following Monday,
  • Speeding to Read has begun! We have a challenge to be the top school AGAIN! I know we can do it. The 3rd grade log is a little different because it has pages and not just book titles. Please be sure to write the pages in each book as this is the way your child will get their points when logs are due. If all children meet their goal of 6 chapter books a turn they will get a FREE book! Any book your child reads counts (Istation, Tumble books, chapter books, picture books, graphic novels, almost anything!)

What a Great Week!

This has been a great week in 3rd grade! We focused on different types of genres of text in Reading, were able to walk through the Writing process, and began some Think Through Math. I was able to spend some time reading over writing samples and they were amazing! I love to hear more about your child and your family through their writing. Thank you for sharing your child with me every day. I am so blessed to be able to spend my days with such a great group of learners!

Important Information:

  • Istation should be completed each night during our Istation homework weeks. We will begin alternating Google classroom and Istation next week. We wanted to give you another week to work on Istation so that we can work out all of the problems you might have had this short week. Here is the link to the website in case you are still having problems.
  • DOT DAY! In celebration of Dot Day we will be Skyping with a Kindergarten class in Coppell Monday during class. This is a Nation wide celebration of Peter Reynold's book "The Dot". The lesson of the story is to make your mark in the world and to be proud of who you are. We will have the celebration on Monday and will incorporate fun engaging activities all day! Here is a link in you would like more information:
  • Data Binders will be coming home as we add data into them. They will need a parent signature on the first page so that we can effectively communicate your child's class progress.
  • Book Fair! Monday is the LAST day of Book Fair. Many children have had the opportunity to shop, but if your child would like one last item Monday is the last day.
  • Book Bags will be coming home at the end of next week. I will be testing your child to see their current reading level. From that information your child and I will pick some books that will come home weekly for practice. These will be in their level and will have some activities with them. More information will come home with the book bag.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see all of your kiddos Monday! Courtney George

3rd Week Updates!

Important Dates:

  • Monday Sept. 7, No School in celebration of Labor Day
  • Tuesday Sept. 8 Our class Book Fair shopping time is 10:30 (Please send money with your child if they plan to shop)
  • Wednesday Sept. 9 Grandparent Breakfast 7:15-7:50

Important Information:

  1. Data binders will be going home when we have added important information in them. Please check your child's first page in the binder to see what is new and needs to be signed. We sent them home for the first time Friday Sept. 4th.
  2. We have been practicing Writers workshop as well as our Reading Daily 5 activities. Your children have become wonderful at building stamina and reading to themselves. Ask your child to show you how they can read independently and successfully!
  3. Mr. Malinowsky is back! He was able to enjoy some bonding time with his new daughter. We are so glad to have him back!

Parent Email that is not going through....

Dear Parents,

We had a GREAT first day! Thank you for allowing me to spend the day with your child. We completed some fun get-to-know-you activities that involved word pairs and even a water balloon toss! We learned classroom procedures and routines and are practicing our school wide CHAMPS expectations. Tomorrow we will have a "normal schedule" day which means your child will spend the morning with me doing ELAR and Social Studies then will switch to Mr. Malinowsky for Math and Science after lunch. We will have library tomorrow for orientation. Tuesdays will be our normal library day for book check out and return.

Please see below for more important information:

Twitter: I will be posting images as well as connecting our classroom to authors, illustrators, and various classrooms around the world via Twitter. Twitter is an amazing site that allows us to connect with others that we otherwise would not be able to communicate with. We will also Skype and video chat with classrooms relevant to our learning. If you would not like your child to participate on Twitter (I will do the posting, they will simply be my models) or to communicate via Skype in the classroom please email me. I hope you will see the importance of these sites and allow it, but I understand if you would like to talk to me about it.

Homework: We will have some simple homework including decorating Reading journals however, we will begin using Google classrooms next week for the majority of our homework. This is a virtual site that enables us to communicate and post reading reflections electronically. More information will be coming soon regarding Google classrooms, I just wanted you to be aware that there will not be much paper homework going home. Your child is expected to read each night for 30 minutes in addition to any homework Mr. Malinowsky sends home.

Snack: We will have snack time after specials each day at 10:10. Please send a healthy easy to eat snack for your child. If they bring candy or something that requires more than 10 minutes they will have to save it for lunch. PLEASE NO peanut products as we have some allergies in our class family this year. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

Lunch: We eat lunch from 11:15-11:45 and follow lunch with recess until 12:05.

Specials: I will attach a Specials schedule in your child's take home folder that will come home tomorrow.

Take home folder: Please look for a yellow take home folder in your child's backpack tomorrow. This will have our class schedule, specials schedule, as well as any completed papers that may stay at home. Please send this folder to school ever day. Notes and such from Rayzor will come home on Fridays in the wolf folder.

Volunteers: If you are interested in being a volunteer please send me an email and I will add you to our PTA list. I appreciate your help with our class!

Newsletter: The weekly newsletter will be sent home via email as well as posted on my website (accessible through my Rayzor homepage) as well as a paper copy in the take home folder.

Thank you again for a wonderful first day! I look forward to an amazing year and if you need me please feel free to email or call me.

Sincerely, Courtney George

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome back to Rayzor and welcome to THIRD grade! I am thrilled to be your teacher this year and can't wait to learn with you! This year will be full of learning through hands on activities, small group challenges through UBD, and more!

Follow us on Twitter!

Are you curious what happens in the classroom during the day? Follow us on Twitter @CourtneyGeorge and with #lifein3rdgrade to see our activities!

Back to School Articles...

A Parents Magazine article with helpful links to homework habits, avoiding sick days, and more!

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a helpful easy to read article about back to school tips and ideas.

Want to know more about Twitter? This is the article for you!

Mrs. George

A little about me.....

I was born and attended school in Fort Worth. I then went to Texas A&M University in College Station. I graduated with my Bachelors of Art in Speech Communication. I thought I wanted to be a news anchor and after a couple of years out of school I realized that my heart was somewhere else. I wanted to be in education! I began teaching in Arlington as a 5th grade teacher. I then went to Odessa to marry my husband and teach out where there are no trees and the ground is flat! While teaching I decided to obtain my Masters of Library Science from Sam Houston State University since I LOVE books and reading. I was a librarian for 2 years. I then decided I wanted a chance to come back into the classroom to share my love of reading with a smaller group of students. So here I am! 10 years of education and back in the classroom ready to share my love of reading.

A Little about my family....

I have 3 wonderful boys, Mykul 8, Connor 6, and Landon 3. We enjoy playing outside riding bikes and going on walks. We read books together and enjoy going to the movies. We have a puppy, Scout, who has kept us on our toes! He enjoys playing just as much as the boys! We like to do crafts together and you will find us working to create things often! My husband works in sales and works from the home. This is a great chance to have him closer to us! We have been married 8 years and can't wait for 50 more! We LOVE to travel, but with the boys we often settle for a movie night or dinner out.