American dream flyer

Live the dream In reality

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the American dream is doing what is expected of you. the American dream is what you make of life on the daily. and how hard you work to achieve your goals in life. but, that means working hard, going to school, work, or even being on time to whatever event or job you are going to. the American dream is to be successful because one you are an success. no one can hold you back any longer from accomplishing your American dream.

Do what needs to be done

the American dream is actually living your life how you want to live it. which means, you live without regret ad u do the things that make you happy in your daily life. living the dream into reality is whatever you imagine the world ad how you look at it. I look at the world as and daily opportunity. I live my life by the mile which means I live within the present not the future that's the real American dream. Doing positive aspects in life now so, later in life you will have everything you once desired.


cain this video you look into many of peoples eyes. You see the hunger of being successful in life. which involves the American dream that everyone is trying to accomplish in their daily life. for an example, in the dear steph curry don't come to my high school story it was this quote that said "we need less of emphasis on sports and celebrity in high school, because it is hurting these kids too much as it is". Now of days with the American dream kids are not worried about passing classes or getting to class on times they are more focused on sports then class work. But, it clearly says student before athlete. and then it said "you wont say that since the day you were born you had a professional one-o-one tutor who helped you hone your skills on a daily basis". Most celebrities have had trainers since they were kids and their skills have been developed a long time ago. Kids these days don't have that and will have to do it all on there own which will mean it will be harder for them to be successful with their American dream.

my beliefs

I believe that the American dream is accomplishing your goals in your life. whether those goals are long term or short term goals. but, with the American comes along with hard work, dedication, ignorance, and you will have a lot of upsets along the way. I love basketball I play day and nigh my American dream is to one day become an NBA player i lay all day with my brothers and we work on each others game 24/7. until I heard this one famous quote "so instead of doing homework the night after basketball practice, they will grab their lopsided old ball and go play on the court with their little brother and shoot the ball badly, improbably thinking every time the ball actually does go I it means they are on their way to fame and fortune".