Scientific Revolution

Gabymar S. 1st

what was the change?

Scientific Revolution occered in the period of the renaissance (1300-1600) ,which casued a big impact in sociaty at that time.

What was scientific revolution? Scientific Revolution was historical changes in thoughts and beliefs to make a change in social and institual organtigon which was from (1550-17000).

The change was that they discovered new things about earth, and its universe and things that surrounds it.One of the big changes ,and people who came up with some of the ideas to make changes were Galilo,Kepler,and Copernicus who made together the scientific method.

Bacon and Dacrtes helped to make improvements ,and changes in ideas. Which helped make changes in people's life to make them more useful and better many ways. Scientific revolution made a big change in people life and in its way of viewing things associated to the world and sociality .

An Example of a change: Galilo discovered that the new ways of finding astronomy ...He also found that there were four moons around Jupiter and was the first to use a telescope.


Who were the people associated with the change?

How did the change impact society at the time?

Whilie in that time it was a big change,because it showed different and new things to the world that they never had known or any one actually found out whith proof. Like when galilo found out about things that where in the universe and what was in its surroundings.He was the first one to acutally have proof, because he used a telescope to see and have proff about the things that he had seen .Copernicus was a astronomer too, but he would just guess about what was un the unvirse, he didn't have actually proof of what he said,because he would just guess.In within the Scientific Revolution changes,people were helped in a way or another because it improve the way that they were living, and perhaps the way that they belived in.All ofbthis led to the big impact of the changes that were given by the scientific revolution.

How is that change evidenced in today's mordern sociaty?

What was the change evidenced in todays modern socity?whilie we still use math in todays world as they used to back then to measure stuff or do other things .An other evedience is that they still use telescope in the NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration ) manly there the ones who use it ,because they are scientiset and astronomers, like Galilo.Asrtronamers also use the information from Galilo to use it and get more information from what he had written ,and use it to get more spacific information and to study it more from what they find out.