NBA Draft With High Schoolers

Daniel Bruce

Have you ever woundered if a high schooler should be able to go to the NBA draft? Well, I think that they should be aloud to go. People might think that it would be bad idea to let them go because they are more prone to get in trouble. Although people might think that they should be able to because if you look all the NBA super stars. Most of them came from their high school to the NBA draft.
The risk of being in the NBA is their choice and the GM's (general manager) choice. There for, imagine that you are eighteen years old and you are playing with people that are about thirty years old and you are getting dominated by them, that would be a rough season. Kids as young as ten years old over look collage and straight to the NBA. That's causing the game of basketball in collage be over looked by children. While that's going on there is Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Duke battling to win the NCAA Championship.
Are you thinking what NBA super stars went from high school right to the NBA draft. Well there for twenty one high school basketball players that declared for the NBA draft from 1975-2001. Four of them made it to the NBA: Kevin Garnett, Kobe, Tracy McGrady, and Jermaine O'neal ("High Schoolers in NBA Draft,"2010). It was similar with the 2002-2005. There was twenty six went to the NBA draft, and three of the twenty six came on a NBA team and became super stars: Amire Stoudemire, Dwight Howard/ superman, and Lebron James.
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People might think that high schoolers would be more prone to get in trouble because of there age. In doing that they think that they weren't mature enough to play in the NBA. There for the NBA front office made an age policy that you have to be 19 or a year after your class graduation. But having an age policy is just business for the league. Lastly they think that the trend should stop because it's bad far the game of basketball and/or player.
In conclusion, high school basketball players should be aloud to the eligible to go to the NBA draft. So, look at all the NBA super stars. Most of them came from high school to the NBA like: Kobe, LeBron James, Tracy McGady, and Dwight Howard. There for I'm telling all the high school basketball players keep working hard, and do your best and maybe you will be able to go to the NBA.


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