DLT Update

May, 2017

Recapping a Successful Year...

2016-2017 has been a busy year!

Here is some of the work led by your District Leadership Team:

Structural Items --

  • Established professional Learning Communities / Teacher Based Teams in all buildings
  • Emailed updates following DLT meetings
  • Completed BLTs building plans in ALL buildings complete with school vision statements
  • Aligned DLT initiatives with Academic Achievement portion of revised Strategic Plan
  • Rewrote hiring processes for new Buckeye teachers that include coming in to teach a model lesson (Model Lesson Rubric)
  • Established Adoption Cycle Plan
  • Completed Science Adoption Year 1 (piloting Science Fusion in fall)
  • Completed World Language Adoption

Items aligned to goal "Continuum of Services"

  • Sent team to Least Restrictive Environment training to review data suggest procedures
  • Provided co-teaching training and site visits to other districts
  • Initiated co-teaching classrooms throughout the district
  • Created internal monitoring team for IDEA compliance created
  • Began gifted cluster groups in 3-4th grade and cleaned up placement processes for JH and HS honors classes
  • Provided gifted training for all required teachers in 16-17, in line with 30 hour state requirement

Items aligned to goal "Effective Feedback"

  • Completed vertical articulation of student strengths / struggles / grade-level outcomes by subject area
  • Started establishing K-12 Philosophy Statements for teaching contents
  • Provided Google Classroom (with 251 New Classrooms set up since August!!!!!) and Google Apps training
  • Piloted and purchased districtwide licenses for DataMap in ProgressBook providing immediate access to student data history
DLT Plan

Click Here: This is the rubric DLT and BLTs use to determine next steps in our initiatives.

Strategic Plan

Click Here: This is a working document from this year's revisions. DLT's work is highlighted in the Academic Achievement tab.

Looking Ahead....

The DLT is committed to making sure initiatives are long-term and directly connected to our two goals (DLT plan) and the Strategic Plan. As we continue moving forward, the team is planning the following items for next school year:

Structural Items --

  • Continue the work of this year, AND...
  • Look at districtwide homework policies
  • Look at districtwide RtI procedures
  • Develop a DLT subcommittee for Professional Development Planning
  • Plan for Science Adoption Purchase in Jan. 2018
  • Plan for Math Adoption Year 1

Items aligned to "Continuum of Services":

  • Continue the work of this year, AND...
  • Bring in a "Brain Trainer" to provide PD to all staff on the changing brains of millennials and how their brains affect their learning ability
  • Grow Gifted Clusters to grades 5/6
  • Grow Co-teaching classrooms into other grades -- continuing to decrease number of students receiving majority of services in self-contained / pull out settings
  • Continue state-required gifted PD for necessary teachers
  • Continue site visits and co-teaching training as needed for new co-teaching pairs

Items aligned to "Effective Feedback":

  • Provide .pdf of guidance on DataMap in early August so teachers can pull their students' data as soon as class lists are available (There will be a performance - based "opt out" of additional DataMap training for teachers who can successfully use the .pdf instructions!)
  • Provide multi-year focus on MAX Teaching Training -- See below for more information!!
  • Use MAX Teaching writing rubrics across contents in vertical meetings (this will make sense in the Fall)
  • Develop OTES rubric for teachers to reference with performance suggestions tied to MAX Teaching strategies (ex. "Doing __[this strategy]__ will help you get to accomplished")

What is MAX Teaching?

Click Here: For more information on the MAX Teaching training Buckeye will begin next year.

Friday, August 18 -- Inservice Agenda

Click Here to view the agenda for our back-to-school inservice. Final updates to this schedule will be available in August.

2017-2018 Back to School Inservice

Friday, Aug. 18th, 8am-3:30pm

3084 Columbia Road

Medina, OH

Note: This is the SECOND day back, not the FIRST. The first day, August 17, will be a staff work day with no meetings.